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I have users that wanted to keep their mount points the same when I migrated them from RHEL 4 to RHEL 5. They had their mount points all residing in the /net directory. When attempting to cd /net I would get errors like ' file or directory does not exist', when clearly it does!

I thought this would be a simple permissions issue, it is NOT. It is simple, but has nothing on the surface to do with permissions. It turns out that is you have the autofs service running (and it does this bt default when you install RHEL5), you cannot access the /net directory for any reason.

Go into Administration>Server Settings>Services and uncheck the box next to autofs.
Stop this service and SAVE your configuration by clicking on the save icon at the top of the gui page.
Close out and open a fresh terminal and you will now have full access to /net!

Hope this saves someone alot of time!
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