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The government of most African countries find it difficult investing in IT due to cost. They have equated IT to Microsoft based products and as such are not able to use the powerful tools that computing has and elighten the people of Africa. This article discusses simple ways African countries can survive the credit crunch yet give our people high quality IT.

1) Download Fedora Linux or any other free Linux distro For Free: The Total Cost of Ownership scares the government. But well they can download and make copies of user friendly Linux distro's for free.

2) Utilize old computers: Most government think giving IT to the nation always means buying computers with Duo Core processors. Linux has changed this belief. We can salvage all those computers running pentium 3, install a compatible Linux distro like Fedora Core 8 and donate it to schools or even use it at the district offices in the villages.

3) Download and install all the free Open Source applications you need: Open Office, KMyMoney, KGet, Songbird are all nice applications with very user friendly graphical user interface(gui). They substitue the commonly used, MS Office,MS Money, Download Manager, Windows Media Player or Winamp.

4) Fedora Amabassadors will teach you free: The next is usually to get teachers to help the people to find their way around or migrate from Windows to Linux. Fedora Amabassadors work relentlessly to help preach the Linux spirit. There are abassadors from various African countries who are willing to spare a day or two to help newbies around.

5) Be a student, Share and Practice: To be abreast with technology is to be a student each day of your life. There are lots of free books in pdf format to read. Sharing information, such as a solution you just discovered is a quick way to help other appreciate IT in Africa. "Practice makes a man perfect". Need I say more. In using several applications each day, new and quick ways of doing daily activities are discovered. Share this experience.

Lets see how much we will save the government:

- Free Operating System

- Low cost in purchasing computers

- Free applications

- Free tution

- Quick and free solutions to problems.

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