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Linux Categories

In this category, you'll find articles about applications, tools, utilities, reviews, and other useful information. The Desktop category contains all the information regarding the Linux desktop including using particular distributions, kernel information, commands, and how to get the most out of your system. This category houses any articles that address the installation of the various distributions and other issues pertaining to any installation issue. Here you will find any of those Linux articles that don't seem to fit in one of the other categories. Want to watch a movie or edit a picture in Linux? You'll find all the information regarding multimedia software and hardware in this category. Setting up a network? You'll find useful information on hardware and software issues and fixes in this category. The Linux kernel is quickly gaining support worldwide. As it continues to grow, more and more programmer are now creating applications specifically for Linux. This category contains articles that are intended to help educate programmers worldwide Have you recently tried out some hardware or software? Do you want to make an informed decision before downloading that game? This is the place to find reviews on various Linux related products. This section of Linux Forums, Linux Security, contains articles about hardening your linux system, and techniques onto how to make your Linux system more secure. The number of servers running Linux distributions has exploded. As with any OS, there are always challenges. Get the information your looking for here.