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In this article, I would like to describe the various ways in which file copying is possible in linux and unix machines from windows or between two linux machines.

When there is need to copy files from windows to linux you can use ftp command and get the files directly from linux, but what about when the linux machine doesn't support ftp?

There are other easy ways in which we can copy files from unix.

There are tools like ultra edit that allow to copy securely using sftp and also scp command is also used to copy the commands between two linux machines.

Out of all these i find scp command the most simple.

Let me explain it with an example.

If you want to copy a file from machine ip address to machine

here is the syntax for scp

scp <filepath> user@<targetpath>

File get copied to the targeted path.

Thus it is very easy to copy files in linux.

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Comments about this article
Confused by line above
writen by: srchief on 2009-09-30 15:43:58
The line "scp user@ confuses me. Am I to assume that
the scp is on If so, does a 'user@' go before both IP addresses.?
Yes, I'm easily confused by what I perceive as incomplete statements.
RE: Confused by line above written by srchief:
Always log in as super user? (Common user name)
writen by: ananthap on 2009-09-30 19:43:27
RE: Always log in as super user? (Common user name) written by ananthap:
RE: Always log in as super user? (Common user na
writen by: cri780 on 2009-10-01 04:27:10
no you can use very user active on the linux machine (you will have same permission granted to that user)
Reply to cri780:
quite confusing article
writen by: cri780 on 2009-10-01 04:03:26
Windows by default doesn't have an scp client (unless added in vista sp), so is not really clear how is possible to use scp from windows machine unless installing some additional tools (e.g. putty provide also an opensource CLI for scp).
RE: quite confusing article written by cri780:
Very complicated
writen by: punch_t on 2009-10-01 06:08:32
I use Ubuntu it is very simple to just and and drop from windows to Ubuntu.
RE: Very complicated written by punch_t:
Much Simpler
writen by: doesy on 2009-10-05 03:04:39
i use SSH and SFTP clients , its much simpler, on SSH i use the command 'scp' and on SFTP its jus drag and drop. Quite magical!!!!!!!
RE: Much Simpler written by doesy:
I use just the file explorer
writen by: matrixs on 2009-11-23 10:05:41
I am using mandriva. I map (mount) public folder on windows machines using cifs file system for always required machine/folders and access those very rarely required just by logging to them through file manager with fish:// protocol
RE: I use just the file explorer written by matrixs:
winscp tool
writen by: shabir_imam on 2009-12-17 03:37:14
On windows use "winscp" a GUI tool to copy files between windows and linux. "winscp" is open source freeware SFTP, FTP and SCP client for Windows.
RE: winscp tool written by shabir_imam:

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