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I have been using Windows for years. Always give Linux a go from time to time but kept going back. Now two weeks in with no going back. Please read my article to find out why.

You can bet your *** it has....And is all thanks to KDE4

For the last few years I have employed the strategy of give Linux a try every time Windows forces
a format of my system.  This is an ideal time as I have nothing to loose except a few weekend hours.

The past few times I have tried Linux I have been impressed but always come to either hardware problems or the need to enter the evil demonic terminal.  That to me is a deal breaker.  Now before I get a million replies about how much easier, simpler and faster this is.. it is just not acceptable to me.

This time however I was forced to rethink.  Why?..KDE4.  And Plasmoids ....... Eye candy, Functional, Eye candy, o and Eye candy. This just makes Linux feel professional and polished.  KDE 4 gives Linux the face to match the functionality.  Lets face it, as humans eye candy means more than anything.  If this was not the case dating websites would be full of shallow blond bombshells.

KDE4 has made Linux a keeper.....and yes I still had to use evil demonic terminal.  

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Comments about this article
Poor ending.
writen by: varelg on 2009-09-01 18:56:43
Likewise I would occasionally give Linux a chance, provided I have extra space on my spare desktop box. To move totally to Linux or meddle with resizing partitions/double boot the PC that is used as a main one for personal computer for me wasn't even a thought. Until latest Ubuntu came along. Not only that hardware hickups are out now but the wubi installer is such a magnet it is just shamefull not to give Ubuntu a try.
This article focused solely on plasmoids of KDE4. Ends with a distastefull comparison with the parade of Fake that are dating sites. Moreover I expected a somewhat longer article and explanations as to why this incarnation of Linux is the one that will trump out Windows from desktops. Nothing even close.
There's so much to it to outtrump Windows from the top of the desktop foodchain, but this article isn't touching any of those bases.
If we learned anything from watching the Linux- Windows duel, it's that commitment to a single OS is never a good idea. Now that Linux is matured, I'd still stay on the fence and not totally commit to Linux. Even if I get to see Windows vanishing from the desktop scene, I'd still have a second OS on the system.
RE: Poor ending. written by varelg:
writen by: uldics on 2009-09-02 01:43:32
What a strange opinion. Looks more like first time shallow impression. Round corners and sparkling visual appearance is not what I appreciate in an OS. It's not the purpose of an operating system. KDE 3.5 IMHO was much much better than KDE 4. The new version is not mature yet, lacks so much functionality. But its time will come.
But OK, if this sells for you, then everybody wins.
RE: Poor written by uldics:
writen by: PA on 2009-09-02 06:22:17
I have been dipping into Linux since the 90s, back when you had to beat it into the machine with a hammer and a computer science degree. Unlike the author, I am a shell, or "evil demonic terminal", kind of guy but I do appreciate a nice GUI too. This is where the author, despite claiming to "always give Linux a go from time to time", comes across as new to the whole affair. The huge array of hugely customisable desktops available to the Linux user has always made it stand out from Windows in that respect, even since 10 years ago, so while KDE4 is certainly nice (and would be my choice on a current Linux system (and, as an aside, I never liked GNOME one little bit)) I don't see how it is the first GUI environment that beats or even stands alongside Windows. KDE (to stick with the author's example but not to ignore all the others) has been as good as Windows since v1 and in fact Vista is an obvious attempt to look like KDE in my opinion.

Yet, like the author, I too keep going back to Windows. Why? Because the applications I need to use on a daily basis are either non-existent on Linux or simply work much better on Windows. There are some apps that I can get both Windows and Linux versions of but invariably they just work better all round on Windows; in terms of speed, reliability and functionality. For those apps that I can't get any Linux version of, there is Wine but that has always been completely unusable in my experience (although, granted, I haven't used a recent version in 2 or 3 years). Open Office just doesn't handle MS Office documents as well as it needs to. Lastly, browsing: IE is the only browser that will display all websites the way they are supposed to be displayed. Firefox comes close but always eventually runs into something it can't handle properly. I know this is because those sites that don't appear properly in other browsers are written for IE and make use of Microsoft's bending of the 'rules' but if you want to look at a website, you can't just contact the author and ask for a standardised rewrite fist.
RE: Unenlightening written by PA:
RE: Unenlightening
writen by: blag on 2009-09-02 07:41:44
There are trade-offs with every choice you make. If you had been using Linux to begin with, you'd be complaining much more loudly if you were trying to switch to Windows.

It's constantly (but slowly) getting cheaper and cheaper (psychologically, I guess) to move to Linux.

As for application compatibility, I think OpenOffice has an excellent level of compatibility with Microsoft Office (both with the file formats and the concepts (styles/page-breaks... etc)). And most of the time, OpenOffice gets you there. No programmer likes to deal with the nitty gritty details of an arbitrarily-defined and undocumented file format and, in this way, OpenOffice impresses me. I'm not at all impressed with the new interface in Office 2007 and that introduces (in my mind) a cost to using this product that is equal to switching to OpenOffice as my main office suite. Even while using Microsoft Office, there were incompatibilities between versions that would break a document's formatting and layout when it was opened in a newer version. Similar problems with different versions of the same font. I think these sorts of considerations eclipse reasons not to use OpenOffice.

In this case, I personally think the responsibility is on us to choose "freedom" (hate to be over-dramatic). OpenOffice does everything I would ever need and much more. I believe that basic software (operating system, office suite, web browser, ...etc) SHOULD be free. It is a great cost to the economy and efficiency of an entire nation if this is not the case (IMO). And we should continue to at least expose ourselves to - if not rely on - these theoretically and practically superior alternatives whenever we can.

As far as Internet browsing goes, I tend to encounter more websites that require standards-compliant web-browsers than those that have (almost always minor) problems on Firefox vs on IE. I admit, this is probably an exception to most people. But again, like OpenOffice, Firefox is there: it is what it needs to be. New websites are now always designed with Firefox in mind. This short fad of IE's dominance of the Internet is over.

As for WINE and unavailable applications, I mostly agree on those points. One option is to use VMWare (which now has free versions for Linux and Windows). I've only seen and used it (never installed it, personally). It was surprisingly quick (compared to other (open-source) virtualization software I've used).

Of course, there are other stumbling blocks not mentioned here, but it comforts me to known that at least things are getting better.

Despite my implied 'philosophy', I am still a Windows user at least half the time. It's also worth noting [I believe] that both OpenOffice and Firefox received lots of commercial funding (from Google, ..etc) and it's unfortunate that these are the only well-known examples of quality "free" open-source software. ReactOS is also interesting to me... but it'd be surprising if we ever saw it get anywhere...

My 2 cents.
Reply to blag:
Kyodai is the only reason to run Windows...
writen by: LaneLester on 2009-09-02 06:31:21
not for me, but for my wife. I run Linux 99.7% of the time, except when I fire up a separate system to run some Winapp I could probably run with VirtualBox/W2K if I tried. But my wife's favorite way of relaxing in her office is with the mahjongg game Kyodai. I agree with her that it is so superior to any Linux mahjongg game, there's no contest. The graphics demands of the game preclude any kind of WINE or VirtualBox solution. It's too bad, because everything else she runs is cross-platform: Firefox, OpenOffice, and GnuCash.
RE: Kyodai is the only reason to run Windows... written by LaneLester:
RE: Kyodai is the only reason to run Windows...
writen by: LaneLester on 2010-03-08 08:58:32
I learned that the older Kyodai 10.21, the final OpenGL version, would run under WINE. I confirmed this was true, so I installed Xubuntu Karmic on my wife's machine, and now we're an all-Linux family! She reports that Kyodai crashes more often in Linux, which is disappointing, but so far we're sticking with Linux.
Reply to LaneLester:
forget linux windoze wins full stop
writen by: dandare on 2009-09-03 16:59:26
The facts are the real judge , linux has about 2 % of the OS market if that ..MAC OS about 15 % so guess who has the overwhelming amount over the OS market , Windoze wins every time , and do not think this will change soon ..

I am and have been a committed linux user since Red Hat Linux 9 also used Slackware among other popular disros of the time . We now use Suse 11.1
after using SLED 10 and Gnome for many months ..I am happy to purchase a system such as Xandros which I did and found it very good at the time ...but updates dried up and we are stable with SUSE ..

I have used and managed the command line to get the damn thing to work with help from howtos and forums and manuals RtFM works ..but the productive user of a pc is not interested in these commands they just see and use what they understand about GUI s and that is windoze 90 % of the time ..linux means absolutely nothing to most pc users ..they just power up and there is xp or vista and off they go ..stop..
RE: forget linux windoze wins full stop written by dandare:

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