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Fedora Core 6 was released on the 24th, not the 24th of December, but the 24th of October. I can't remember who said that on the Fedora IRC channel, but for him a new Fedora release was a bit like Christmas. Maybe that's because a release time is given as well as a release date, so you can count the hours, the minutes and even the seconds separating you from the upcoming release. Or maybe it's just the quality of the distribution which makes these moments magic.
I remembered having tested Fedora Core 5, aka Bordeaux, a few month ago and I had been very impressed by it. Since then the releases of Ubuntu 6.06, Suse 10.1 and Mandriva 2007 had each pushed the bar a little higher, and I couldn't wait to see how the release of Zod, Fedora Core 6, would participate in making my Linux experience even better.

So I was there at 2pm GMT that day, and as soon as the mirrors started to make Zod available I started downloading it.

Installing Fedora Core 6

There are Fedora mirrors all around the globe, so you're likely to find one close to where you're located and you should enjoy good download speeds. Depending on the mirror, you may find a 3.2G DVD ISO. In any case you can download the ISO files for the 5 CDs which the distribution consists of. If, like me, you're interested in a default Gnome Fedora desktop, then you only need CD1 and CD2. The three other CDs contain other packages which are available in the Fedora repositories.

The Fedora Unity project also released a series of "Live-Spins" for Fedora Core 6. You'll find more information on this on this website: http://torrent.fedoraunity.org/

The installer has changed a bit since Fedora Core 5. The way it is displayed seems different. On my computer it didn't fully fit the screen in 1024x768, and there seemed to be more things happening within modal windows than in the previous release. For instance, I remember reading the Releases Notes while the system was installing, and although it is still possible, the Release Notes now appear within a window which hides the installation. There is still no keyboard layout test and for an installer of that quality it is definitely a pity.

On the other hand, a huge improvement was made: you can now use additional repositories within Anaconda. This basically means that the next time you install Fedora from your CDs it is not going to use the outdated packages from your CDs but the updated ones from the repositories. Also, Anaconda is still able to produce a log and a kickstart file (which records the options you selected during an install, so that you can run automated similar installs on other computers). Thanks to the repositories and the kickstart file the possibilities are endless. You can tell Anaconda where to find updates, you can tell it to install packages that are not there by default in the distribution and you can even automate the process.

Before Anaconda proceeds with the installation it allows you to check the integrity of your CDs and it even tells you which CDs will be required (in my case, as I only selected the default selection of packages it was CD1 and CD2). This way you can start installing safely. The installer asks you all the questions first, and then proceeds with the long process of copying the files and installing the system. During that time, the Release Notes are available if you want to read them, and while you can't wait for the installation to complete they make a very nice read.

The first time you boot on Fedora Core 6, a wizard appears and asks you a few questions (License agreement, firewall setup, SELinux configuration, Date & Time, Create a user account, Sound card detection). Although the wizard is pleasant and it doesn't take time to go through it, I was a bit puzzled by the License agreement. Now that I had wiped the content of my hard drive to install Fedora Core 6, and after having gone all that far, was I really going to refuse to sign the License agreement if I didn't like it? I just did as most people do: I didn't read it, and I pressed OK. {mospagebreak title=Inside Fedora Core 6}

Inside Fedora Core 6


In Bordeaux the main theme was made of blue bubbles and it was present not only on the desktop, but in GDM, at boot time and during the init process. In Zod, although the new theme is similar to its predecessor and still features a nice dominance of blue, the bubbles were replaced by some sort of underwater DNA.

The Default Fedora Core 6 Desktop

As before, the theme is not only apparent on the desktop but everywhere within the system. The default fonts were changed but the icon set is still the same. I don't really know what creates this effect, but the desktop looks a bit like in a cartoon, there are no sharp edges and it is pleasant to the eyes. In my opinion this is one of the nicest distributions when it comes to artwork. One of the first things I usually do after installing a distribution is to change the wallpaper and the login screen. I probably won't this time though. They are both superb.


The desktop is nice and easy to use. Gnome provides a lot of built in features (burning CDs, mounting devices, connecting to remote servers) and its menus are well organized. A "Computer" icon allows the user to quickly access the devices, the filesystem and the network. There is also a shortcut to the "Home" folder on the desktop. By default, the Home folder only contains "Desktop" which is the directory shown by Gnome as the desktop itself.

Nautilus, "Computer" and the Home Folder (to which I added a few folders)

Nautilus looks better than ever, although I regret it doesn't open directories in the same window. This is only a detail however and it's easy to configure.

3D Effects

The integration of 3D effects was one of the key features in Mandriva 2007. A popup window in Mandriva One was even making sure you wouldn't miss it. In Fedora Core 6, 3D effects are here as well but the distribution is far more humble and they are not activated by default. They work really well though and activating them is really easy. In Gnome, all you have to do is click on System->Preferences->Desktop Effects and push the "Enable Desktop Effects".

The 3D effects preference box

All sorts of nice 3D effects immediately become available.

Playing with the 3D Cube

I was disappointed not to find a configuration tool though. In Mandriva I could configure each effect, make the cube convex or concave, define how wobbly my windows would be...etc. Here I didn't find any of that. For instance, one of my favorite 3D effects is the fact that you can show all the windows from a workspace by tiling them, and then selecting the one you want to work with. In Mandriva this was done by pressing CTRL+ALT+UP. As this combination of keys doesn't do anything in Fedora, I would have liked some configuration tool to activate that effect, or to assign it this combination of keys.

Default Selection of Software

Fedora Core 6 uses the Linux kernel 2.6.18 to which it made a number of modifications. It comes with Xorg 7.1.1 and Compiz 0.0.13. The desktop uses Gnome 2.16 (even though the Help still refers to Gnome 2.14) and it features a nice set of applications. Only the minimum is installed by default but it provides all the common needs. As the distribution was being finalized when Mozilla released Firefox 2.0, the default browser is Firefox

Evolution 2.8.0

The default email reader is Evolution 2.8.0 which looks very good. The default office suite is OpenOffice 2.0.4. I noticed that OOWriter featured a spell checker. I'm not sure if I have to thank OpenOffice or Fedora for that, but it's nice to see it installed by default.

The default multimedia player is Totem and Rythmbox 0.9.5 is there if you want to listen to music.

Package Manager

An applet was introduced in Fedora Core 6, which tells you when there are updates available and allows you to install them. Also, Fedora announced performance improvements for its package manager.

The Package Updater

I couldn't wait to try it. I clicked on Applications->Add/Remove Software and this launched Pirut. I was immediately disappointed. After a brief error message, Pirut simply closed itself. I had to configure things through files, since Pirut wouldn't let me do that through its interface.

The repositories configuration is done in /etc/yum.repos.d/ and to configure the proxy you have to define and export environment variables and play with your .bashrc, or your /etc/profile. Although it is definitely a good thing to be able to change this through file, I personally believe a graphical configuration tool should be provided for ease of use.

The first time you run Pirut, it is extremely slow. I suppose it's getting a maximum of information from the repositories. I closed Pirut and ran it again, and this time it was fast to launch.

In terms of functionality Pirut is extremely disappointing. It consists of a three panes application: one pane to browse, one to search and one to list packages. If you move from one pane to another, the current state of your pane gets reinitialized. For instance I was searching for "thunderbird", went to the browse pane, and when I came back to the search pane, my search result was gone. Pirut shows the name, the version, and a description of each package. There is no information about its dependencies, the size of download...etc.


Overall, I don't think this is good enough. Compared to the graphical package managers found in Mandriva or Ubuntu, Pirut looks like a joke. It misses important features, it doesn't show any information, and it's not even faster. If I was to keep Fedora on my machine I would definitely use yum from the command line instead of Pirut, or look for an alternative package manager altogether.


Fedora won't play your MP3 songs or your encrypted DVD movies by default. The Flash and Java plugins are not there either. The reason for this is explained within the Release Notes and Fedora is one of the Linux distributions which stick the most to Free Software Philosophies. You may or may not agree with them on this. In any case, if you really need support for these formats the procedure is usually quite easy and well documented on the Internet.


Fedora Core 6 comes with support for Bluetooth devices. Hcitool is there and you'll even find two applications within the Gnome menus to scan Bluetooth devices around you and share files with them.

The "Computer" icon located on the desktop allows you to browse the network. I tried to access my Windows network; everything worked fine and it was quite fast.

Gnome is also full of networking features such as "Connect to a Server" which allows you to place shortcuts to remote filesystems (Samba, FTP...etc) and see them as mounted directories.

Hardware Recognition

My IPW2200 wireless card was not recognized by default, but the firmware was available for it within the LIVNA repositories so I could solve that problem quite easily. On my T2XP laptop, the widescreen resolution didn't work and I noticed that 855resolution and 915resolution were not installed by default. I found the RPM for the second one, updated my /etc/rc.local file to change the modes and upon reboot everything was fine.

ACPI didn't work properly for me, and this was a bad surprise, as it always worked quite well on other distributions. I noticed that the computer could not manage to resume after it was suspended. It's only a little detail though and I'm sure I could fix it if I spent some time on it.

Overall the hardware recognition was not very impressive, and maybe it's due to the fact that Fedora only comes with free and robust drivers. However I didn't experience too many problems and the ones I had were easy to fix.


I found Fedora Core 6 quite fast. The system starts in 1min35s on my Sony Vaio T2XP laptop. The desktop is very responsive. The applications launch fast. With the 3D effects turned on and a color depth of 24bits I get 380FPS under glxgears. {mospagebreak title=Conclusion}


After reviewing Fedora Core 6 I have mixed feelings. The biggest problem in my opinion is the poor quality of its package manager. The Package Updater applet is good, Yum is good, but its interface Pirut is one of the worst graphical tools I've seen. You can't ask a novice user to rely on the command line all the time, and if you combine that with the fact that both hardware recognition and multimedia support need extra configuration, you simply get a distribution that will not "work" out of the box for many novice users. For experienced users though, it's a different story. Once you know how to use yum, how to add repositories, how to add non-free drivers and multimedia support (thinking about that, it's a pity Stanton Finley didn't publish his Installation Notes for this release) you can start appreciating the quality of this distribution. The artwork is fantastic, the selection of packages is very good and the desktop is one of the best. I don't know if it's the general look and feel or the way the menus and applications are set but the desktop environment is one of the best I know. It's really comfortable and pleasant to use. Overall if you manage to configure your system properly and you can get passed the poor quality of Pirut, you will certainly love Fedora Core 6.

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Comments about this article
FC6 or Ubuntu 6.10
writen by: dustbin on 2006-10-27 18:53:03
I've tried both, and since they are Gnome-based distributions, they are very similar. Getting multimedia setup can be problematic, but after visiting a website or two ([url=http://lunapark6.com/]examplelink[/url]) It's little things, like the package manager, that can really influence your personal decision. Ubuntu's apt-get/synaptic combo is hard to beat. Some people get pretty wrapped up in the distro politics, but either of these work very well. Added to other distributions, like openSUSE, and now is really a great time for Linux users
RE: FC6 or Ubuntu 6.10 written by dustbin:
Either way with package management, ubun
writen by: Derek on 2006-10-27 23:48:22
No matter how you work it, package (program) management in windows sucks. There is no easy way to update all packages installed to the latest and greatest version. I've been an Ubuntu user for years and love it, but recently got to play with yum and I work in a Windows world. I know what sucks... Windows. Only way I have it on my own machines now is via VMWare or Parallels. Here's to wonderful new versions of Linux taking away Windows marketshare!
RE: Either way with package management, ubun written by Derek:
Package Manager
writen by: David Nielsen on 2006-10-28 00:53:19
If you want a more featureful GUI frontend for yum you might want to install yumex which is similar in layout to synaptic from Debian/Ubuntu. The tools shipped by default are there to do one task and do it in a simple and easily understandable manner. I think Pirut is quite nice if all I want to do is browse the available software, install, remove and such (I track development so Pup/puplet are my main sources of yum interaction in the gui). Regardless Fedora does cater to every kind of user or try to, so try yumex if you want more features and crack. You can also check out the wealth of yum plugins in the repos, they add a lot of functionality to yum itself that you might like, such as downloadonly, selecting fast current mirrors automatically, etc. You can also set the options for your compiz, it's a bit tricky currently as a nice way to expose the configuration options hasn't been determined GUI wise AFAIK. You need to install gconf-editor and poke in the apps/compiz section, every key is amply documented and changes take effect at once so you can play with the incremental settings as you apply them. Ultimately I would agree this kind of thing needs to be tighter bound to the rest of the Fedora desktop settings environment in a smart and natural way, as for Compiz plugin settings maybe an experts tools to expose all the gconf keys would be nice for some people or sliding scales under the enable buttons (sorta like Enable Wobbly Windows, adjust wobbliness on slider underneath).. dunno I'm sure this will be worked on by the collective Linux community over the next 6 months so that FC7 will be even better in this area. Additional information on the FC6 release, it is the base of the largest Linux deployment ever, One Laptop Per Child as well as the upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Fedora has also provided the base to the Linux that will ship with every PS3, though that's based on FC5. So you are in fine company using Fedora and rest assured that we do everything in our power to bring you the best experience possible. I would have loved to see you mention that Fedora is not only giving users blingy crack like cubed desktops and wobbly windows but also the most secure out of the box desktop Linux available. It's comes with multiple proactive security deployments that go way beyond just a firewall. Security is important and one of the best things I can say about the things the Fedora Project deploys is that you didn't even notice, it doesn't get in your way yet it adds a nice few layers of protection. Secure, visually stunning, fast, userfriendly and stable.. pick any five. - David Nielsen, Fedora advocate
RE: Package Manager written by David Nielsen:
A huge waste
writen by: theMAN on 2006-10-28 20:18:28
The entire notion that experienced Linux users will install the newest version of their chosen distro is ridiculous. WE DON'T! We upgrade, everything from installing new Kernels when needed to a simple package upgrade it is all upgrades. I haven't booted a LiveCD on my main system EVER! I keep all my applications up to date but that is it. That is the point. Why download 5 or more CD images chew up all that bandwith for something you ALREADY have? Novice users are who need the CD and multi-cd packages like FC. But novice users won't have any patients with going on an egg hunt to find the codec. Novice users will toss it in the round file and move on. Or even worse forget about Linux all together. But Redhat doesn't want users really using Fedora, they want them using paid Redhat releases that include all the ugly closed source applications you could ever want. theMAN don't waste a minute running FC6
RE: A huge waste written by theMAN:
theMAN, You are right!
writen by: popacsek on 2006-10-31 03:40:34
I think it is very important, that the first impressions of a novice user who tries a linux distribution at the first time be good. Unfortunately, the FC6 is not an "out of the box" distribution. After the installation it can not be used for work, it can not be used for entertainment. It is a HARMFUL distro for a novice user, and useless for an experienced one. I wrote these words not to decry RedHat, but to inform novice users: [b]please choose an another distro[/b]! Fortunately, there are many of them. (Sorry for may English ...)
RE: theMAN, You are right! written by popacsek:
"useless distro??"
writen by: J. Virágh on 2006-10-31 05:35:22
RE: "useless distro??" written by J. Virágh:
I exaggerated
writen by: popacsek on 2006-10-31 06:08:56
I exaggerated a little. It is not a useless distro, of course. BUT! Let's take a windows user who wants to try a linux distro. It has a good chance that he or she will try Fedora, because RedHat is a big name in the linux world. After the installation, the user - cannot mount NTFS partitions - cannot utilize fully his/her VGA card - cannot play the most of the media files (mp3, divx, wmv, ...) ... It also has a good chance, that this user will be disappointed in linux because the first distro he/she tried, lacks neccessery features. This is why I wrote, that this distro is harmful for a novice user. There are other distros that solve these problems better.
RE: I exaggerated written by popacsek:
writen by: Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy on 2006-10-31 15:46:14
RE: written by Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy:
no matter what a windows install provide
writen by: popacsek on 2006-11-01 13:05:35
Don't compare a windows install to a linux install, because an average windows user know how to install his/her favourite mp3 or movie player, etc. under windows. Would You change your home to an empty one where You cannot take your favourite furnitures and equipments? Would You change your home to a fully equipped one? All I wanted to say that Fedora is a half-equipped "flat" and there are "flats" that are more equipped than Fedora.
RE: no matter what a windows install provide written by popacsek:
writen by: kris on 2006-11-02 02:02:31
RE: rethink written by kris:
writen by: popacsek on 2006-11-02 04:26:51
A computer is a general device that can be used for many things, even for entertainment. In my country, a modern game console or a DVD player with HDD almost costs as much money as my PC. I'm not a rich person, I haven't got money to have such a DVD player or game console. RedHat is one of the most prominent company of the linux world, they did much investment and development on linux. I think they can and they should produce something better than this.
RE: costs written by popacsek:
Compare Apples with Apples
writen by: Hollinch on 2006-11-02 04:57:34
RE: Compare Apples with Apples written by Hollinch:
When did you last try Fedora??
writen by: Pat on 2006-11-02 09:32:58
RE: When did you last try Fedora?? written by Pat:
give him some credit, he has a point...
writen by: IhaveEbola on 2006-11-03 02:55:27
RE: give him some credit, he has a point... written by IhaveEbola:
boot problems
writen by: Chris on 2006-11-03 10:41:30
hi im new to linux and am very interested in learning about it but am having trouble booting from the fedora core 6 dvd iso ,ive burnt it onto dvd using nero burn rom and set my bios to boot from cd/dvd i have tryed several attepts and cannot get it to boot im not sure if it is compatabe with my system as i am using scsi hard drives with adaptec interface card which windows xp needed a aditional driver for however my problem for the moment is getting it to boot just wondering if im using the wrong program for burning please respond thanks
RE: boot problems written by Chris:
need to burn dvd as a disk image.
writen by: chris on 2006-11-04 03:16:52
RE: need to burn dvd as a disk image. written by chris:
Fedora for beginners
writen by: Mike Morley on 2006-11-07 13:05:53
I have been using fedora core for a number of years now and the only reason I go back to windows is to play games (which isn't that often). I did find the learning curve steep and yes you do need to spend some time downloading the various rpms to get your multimedia working. All that said I find fedora to be a cracking OS and an ideal beginner distro for the reason that you actually have to learn something. It teaches people how to use google and to learn on their own. All my application that I use to use under windows have either Linux counterparts or can be run under wine. All this said, I do agree with the point that people aren't going to download the latest distro as it can be a pain to download a couple of days worth of rpms. Again all this said as soon as I have any problems so bad that I reinstall the OS I an going to download the latest core in both 64bit for my PC and i386 for my laptop. After all I don't work 24/7 and I can spare the bandwidth while I sleep.
RE: Fedora for beginners written by Mike Morley:
Give RedHat some time !
writen by: Lulu on 2006-11-08 12:01:16
I don't get why people get so upset with RedHat. It's becoming easier to use. Look at the version 4 years ago (like RedHat 8 or so) and today's version. The system has improved dramatically for the beginners and the pro. Just give it some time ! I'm sure in a couple of years it will be much easier/more efficient to use than Windows or MAC. And think about Windows (and probably for MAC too). It's maybe very nice to use, but it controls too much the system. Then, probably building up buggs on its own and definitively preventing any creativity for the systems or softwares.
RE: Give RedHat some time ! written by Lulu:
From a Long Time Unix User
writen by: 4Mesh on 2006-11-08 23:44:56
I began using flavors of unix back in the 80s. My first experience with it was using SCO Xenix. Not long after, I got ot use AT&T Unix, AIX, and a few other flavors. My first TCP/IP module for SCO cost me $699.00 US. The same price as the OS. Down through the years I've used really very few licences or distributions. When Linux became somewhat more mainstream I started to use RedHat. Very Very briefly I used some other distros just to try them out. At that time, I actually paid for Redhat, I think around $80US. That was for the boxed set of one CD and the actual printed manuals. This was long before the Fedora project. Even then, it was a very usefull OS. All the things you needed were included and if you spent some time, it all worked. Back in those days, you spend a lot of time in ED and VI. (Don't ask me why but I really preferred vi to some of the GUI editors.) It goes without saying that Linux (all flavors) has grown up. I spend virtually all of my time sitting in front of a Windows PC. Either Win98 or WinXP boxes. I am typing this on an XP system now. As I type this, there's two taskbar ICONs here, Opera and VNC. VNC is connected to my FC5 Server which, while I never sit in front of (it has no monitor) I do spend a LOT of time logged into or Using. Back in the days of RedHat 3,4,5,6,7,8... Then into Fedora Core 1,2,3 and 4, I really never would have considered completely eliminating my windows systems. I remember saying to several people shortly after the FC5 upgrade I did (no reinstall, upgrade) that I truely felt that I could get rid of Windows. permanantly. FC5 was the first OS I had seen that made me feel as if anyone could sit down and use this (as a user) and enjoy their computing. The Media formats are not a big deal to me, even though I have a zillion MP3 files. It suprises me that there are folks here who feel that RH (FC) is not a user friendly OS. I guess it really depends upon what you're looking for but I for one am looking for FC to be a server first, play system second. In reality, that's really what it is intended to be and it fills that nitche very well. At times, I agree with a lot of the posters above who say to choose another distro for beginners. I don't have enough experience with that sort of thing really and I'll trust the opinions but for ease of installation, smooth operation and support, I think RedHat is hard to beat. OH, and don't forget that when you go to www.redhat.com that they have a knowledge base that you can search for EVERYTHING under the sun to do with FCx. If you search for something that has no answer there, please let me know.
RE: From a Long Time Unix User written by 4Mesh:
i love Tux
writen by: Dark Format on 2006-11-16 05:53:26
RE: i love Tux written by Dark Format:
writen by: ttiger on 2006-11-18 00:19:53
RE: IT written by ttiger:
chris wanted his name taken off so now i
writen by: fireplaces joe on 2006-11-20 19:09:32
RE: chris wanted his name taken off so now i written by fireplaces joe:
Fedora 6 instalation video !!!
writen by: A.D.K. on 2006-11-26 02:41:07
http://arilaripi.org/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=52&func=fileinfo&id=69 Fedora 6 instalation video !!! For peoples who are new in Fedora...
RE: Fedora 6 instalation video !!! written by A.D.K.:
3D Desktop Effect
writen by: javier Billy on 2006-12-03 20:59:46
Hi, I had a problem with the previious installation of FC6, I had some kind of memory leak, so I re-installed and set swap up to 800MB, but now, I cant enable the Desktop Effects, I get this message while enabling <Desktop effects could not be be enabled > any tip ? because I hope I just need to upgrade/install some package, by the way,I already update, and I haver the livna and freshrpms repos..
RE: 3D Desktop Effect written by javier Billy:
start menu items not displayed
writen by: manjunath on 2006-12-05 22:50:30
hi, i have not worked that much in linux.....so forgive me for mistakes. earlier i was using FC(fedora core)-2 and start menu items were diplayed properly. i downloaded FC-6 and installed with genome desktop, but start menu items are not displayed..... please let me know the solution for this.... thanks in advance
RE: start menu items not displayed written by manjunath:
writen by: Siavash Saraby on 2006-12-06 01:31:25
RE: Hello written by Siavash Saraby:
Fedora User
writen by: Alex Galo on 2006-12-11 23:27:35
RE: Fedora User written by Alex Galo:
writen by: McNutt on 2006-12-14 01:58:05
RE: Mr. written by McNutt:
Oh yeah?
writen by: MadMatt on 2006-12-20 07:25:31
RE: Oh yeah? written by MadMatt:
Fedora Core 6
writen by: haitem on 2007-01-01 15:43:02
RE: Fedora Core 6 written by haitem:
ATI Distro...
writen by: Andy on 2007-01-02 13:19:06
I am quite new to linux and I have only messed around with FC5 and Ubuntu 6.06 although not long enough to properly learn either OS. I have an integrated ATI Xpress 200 series card, and I was wondering which OS worked the best with the graphics card. (Easiest to install drivers, functionality etc.)
RE: ATI Distro... written by Andy:
You're a little off.
writen by: G3R4 on 2007-01-03 10:47:32
RE: You're a little off. written by G3R4:
Don't like the installer
writen by: tejvenim on 2007-01-16 23:09:28
Other than the installer, I'm quite satisfied with Fedora Core 6. It's the only linux OS that I install on my hard disk. Here's two negative points of the installer: 1) no information does not display information about the choices user made, i have to press the back to double check that everything is right 2) not user-friendly i press back to double check that partitions are set up correctly, when i press next to proceed with the install, the installer forget the packages that i chose, i have to choose the packages again
RE: Don't like the installer written by tejvenim:
fedora core 6 installing on scsi harddis
writen by: Freerk Jongsma on 2007-01-19 02:52:46
RE: fedora core 6 installing on scsi harddis written by Freerk Jongsma:
I have a feeling that I will be stuck wi
writen by: Lawrence on 2007-02-04 16:25:45
RE: I have a feeling that I will be stuck wi written by Lawrence:
I have a feeling I will be stuck with MS
writen by: Lawrence on 2007-02-04 16:48:44
Hello everyone, I guess I'm one of those "new guys" and not taking sides in this little debate but I must admit, for all the praise that Linux gets its just not end-user friendly! I believe that windows was the first OS, that said everyone has some working knowledge of that OS. Windows is for the most part pretty easy to get up and running with; even if you don't know what your doing it really doesn't take much to figure it out. I have installed SuSE 10 on my PC in the past and let me just say I would love to use an OS other than MS...I have grown to hate MS. Unfortuantely I found my first experience with it to be ridiculusly hard. I could even figure out how to get my nVidia drivers installed. You can say what you want about MS, but at least their OS is designed with everyone in mind (not just PC geeks & Geniuses) 90% of anything you need to install is just a click of an EXE and your off! Not with linux, for a matter of fact many things that I took for granted are a major pain in the ass when dealing with any of these linux distro's. Until you linux people can design an OS that doesn't reqire a masters degree in programming MS will never have anything to worry about, and if you honestly think that big "Bill" is concerned with linux you must be out of your mind. I would like to say in closing that I DO NOT LIKE MS WINDOWS I would love to get rid of it forever...however if this your solution to the (problem) then I have a feeling that I will be stuck with MS OS's for a long time to come.
RE: I have a feeling I will be stuck with MS written by Lawrence:
Which flavor?
writen by: Peter on 2007-02-06 10:17:04
So, as a new user willing to try Linux on a spare PC I have, which distro (free) should I use that will most closely mimic Windows in built-in functionality (mp3, mpeg, mail, surfing)? Fedora? I see Mandriva is not free. Regards
RE: Which flavor? written by Peter:
Senior Unix Administrator
writen by: serverchief.com on 2007-02-07 09:11:51
RE: Senior Unix Administrator written by serverchief.com:
Senior Unix Administrator
writen by: serverchief.com on 2007-02-07 09:13:56
RE: Senior Unix Administrator written by serverchief.com:
Interview quastions
writen by: chandru on 2007-03-04 00:51:34
Hi Friends please provide some of Linux Interview quastions for 5 years level. Regards Chandru
RE: Interview quastions written by chandru:
Interview quastions
writen by: chandru on 2007-03-04 00:53:54
Hi Friends please provide some of Linux Interview quastions for 5 years level. Regards Chandru
RE: Interview quastions written by chandru:
you can play mp3, dvd in fedora 6
writen by: Macmohan on 2007-03-07 21:14:03
RE: you can play mp3, dvd in fedora 6 written by Macmohan:
Enjoy ... Fedora 6
writen by: Macmohan on 2007-03-07 21:30:44
RE: Enjoy ... Fedora 6 written by Macmohan:
You can..
writen by: Macmohan on 2007-03-07 21:35:54
RE: You can.. written by Macmohan:
writen by: lasa on 2007-03-12 04:43:52
RE: mr written by lasa:
The Stu
writen by: Stuart on 2007-04-24 07:20:34
hey guys i am trying to install fedora core 6 on my ps3...need some help i have downloaded the kboot files and have script on the page of m ps3...now i just need the command to run the 5 cds i have made... i am completely new to ps3 and linux but i am a wiz at windows. (its a very big change) please help
RE: The Stu written by Stuart:
FC6 has blocker problems
writen by: John on 2007-04-25 12:33:28
FC6 has a blocker problem with hardware setup. Redhat 6.1 did ok years ago, but I've been using Mandrake/Mandriva which has much better hardware setup. MOST IMPORTANTLY, the FC6 video setup is awful. It doesn't provide a decent driver and maybe used a driver that would work with a video chip for a system 15 years ago, not a modern chip by the same company. There was no option to select or test video settings. There was no generic SVGA selection. FC6 couldn't be set to start Gnome or KDE on startup or login. The only way to start Gnome manually if I recall correctly was to run a restart-gnome program from the console. Then it only came up in standard VGA, 640x480 which as you know is totally inadequate for desktop purposes. So why everyone is cheering FC6 baffles me. Mandriva 2007 (the free download) correctly identified and set up my video. I found a few flaws in it, but FC6 has blocker flaws. I also tried the new FreeBSD and the Debian Sarge release that I hadn't been using, and found that their video setups were just as bad as FC6. Do you guys know good software when you see it? Or are you only writing sales pitches for suckers?
RE: FC6 has blocker problems written by John:
Just me
writen by: Ricky_O on 2007-04-25 15:40:40
So, I've been using CentOS 4 for awhile, and think it's great. Someone just told me that F6 available. Before I go to all the work of installing to make comparisons, has anyone already compared the two; and if so, what did you discover???
RE: Just me written by Ricky_O:
writen by: ken on 2007-05-03 13:15:01
RE: mr written by ken:
Screen alignment during 1st boot after i
writen by: CHANDAN on 2007-05-09 04:22:17
My LAPTOP screen is badly aligned during 1st boot after installation of FC6.I am not able to see the Next,Back buttons on WELCOME Screens and the following screens. Has anyone faced this kind of problem. Pls guide
RE: Screen alignment during 1st boot after i written by CHANDAN:
Screen alignment during 1st boot after i
writen by: CHANDAN on 2007-05-09 04:23:18
My LAPTOP screen is badly aligned during 1st boot after installation of FC6.I am not able to see the Next,Back buttons on WELCOME Screens and the following screens. Has anyone faced this kind of problem. Pls guide
RE: Screen alignment during 1st boot after i written by CHANDAN:
Screen alignment during 1st boot after i
writen by: CHANDAN on 2007-05-09 04:24:11
My LAPTOP screen is badly aligned during 1st boot after installation of FC6.I am not able to see the Next,Back buttons on WELCOME Screens and the following screens. Has anyone faced this kind of problem. Pls guide
RE: Screen alignment during 1st boot after i written by CHANDAN:
writen by: Sally Kraus on 2007-07-16 04:10:39
Cool site
RE: Ms written by Sally Kraus:
FC 6 on ps3
writen by: Greg Chabala on 2007-09-13 09:57:58
RE: FC 6 on ps3 written by Greg Chabala:
writen by: Naresh Sharma on 2007-09-13 23:19:09
RE: L written by Naresh Sharma:
writen by: Rajesh on 2007-09-25 09:31:08
RE: Divx written by Rajesh:
Video Driver Issues Just The Beginning
writen by: Chris on 2007-09-30 10:56:03
RE: Video Driver Issues Just The Beginning written by Chris:
i m beginner
writen by: anand on 2007-10-27 07:22:52
i m unable to understand how i can access my drives. plz tell me how i can play songs using fedora.
RE: i m beginner written by anand:
writen by: samaneh on 2007-11-16 01:42:06
hi can i have fedora core 6 and windows together? i need my information on my windows, and i also need linux. after selecting the language i dont know to select which of instalation. i dont want to remove my data on hard disk at all.
RE: help written by samaneh:
writen by: Anonymous on 2007-11-17 18:33:46
RE: written by Anonymous:
Software Installation Problem
writen by: Sukhwinder Singh on 2007-12-17 00:45:51
RE: Software Installation Problem written by Sukhwinder Singh:
Problem installing core6, no media drive
writen by: Samer on 2008-02-15 15:22:24
Hello, While installing it from a dvd, I got to chose the langauge then the keyboard, and then a window opened asking to chose one of the media drives (local cd rom, local hard drive, FTP...) although i have inserted the dvd, then i chose the local cd rom, and i get a message telling that , no drive was found.. although my dvd contains a bootable fedora core 6. Please any help with this issue?? Thanks in advance, Samer.
RE: Problem installing core6, no media drive written by Samer:
writen by: Pat Williams on 2008-03-14 01:14:56
cool site
RE: Ms written by Pat Williams:
writen by: SAEID on 2008-06-02 11:36:58
RE: SA written by SAEID:
FC 6 Install problem from local drive
writen by: Ken on 2008-11-04 05:43:26
I want to upgrade from RH8 to FC6. I got a DVD distro, but I don't have DVD rom, so I used my flashdrive to copy all the file to my harddrive and try to install from bootable CD, and follow the instruction, got problem when it come to select "select local drive" and go to the directory, but it does not have the ISO image, only all the DVD files there. So installer does not recognise it and fail to get started to install. Is there a way to workaround this? Please help
RE: FC 6 Install problem from local drive written by Ken:
writen by: Pat Williams on 2009-02-23 02:38:58
cool site
RE: None written by Pat Williams:

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