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perhaps this will help someone in need.

I tried it on 32/64.
1) Get driver source code "2009_1222_RT3572_LinuxSTA_V2[1].3.0.0.tar.bz2"
2) extract somewhere like /tmp/usb3572/... that's what I did. (can use GUI to extract)
3) cd into the directory created when extracted.
4) as root :===>  #make
          #make install
5) cd into /lib/modules/ *your kernel* /drivers/net/wireless
6) lsmod and make sure no other modules are running: I had to remove all rt2x00 and rt2800 modules.
7) in my case I had to rename some modules I did no want running and the rt2x00 directory too
8) stop networking and do not allow the eth dev to start at boot unless you want to.. I turned mine off.
9) modprobe -r (related modules even rt3573sta, you will add it later.)
10) modprobe rt3572sta (something to this effect)
11) insmod rt3572sta.ko (something to this effect)
12) test and reboot to make sure it will work again on next boot.
13) send Kerwin Roig a thank you note :)

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