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Install Send mail
Installing Send Mail

Before Installing the Send Mail disable the Selinux



Off the IP tables from Init.d and start up

/etc/init.d/iptables stop

Chkconfig iptables off

Then very first thing to do is check the network connectivity.

Then go to the

vi /etc/
sysconfig/network then

host name  = should give the fully qualified domain name


then go to the

vi /etc/hosts

As mention in that file you should give the domain name and host name all the things.

test.test1.com          test

Then go to

Vi /etc/sysctl.conf and change the  net.ipv4_forward = 1

Then install the Send mail

Yum y install sendmail sendmail-cf sendmail-devel

Should install all the three packages other wise it wont work properly.

Then go to the access file and RELAY the local IP range

Eg: 192.168.12 RELAY

Then go to

Vi /etc /mail/local-host-name and give the Domain name


Useradd name s  /sbin/nologin  == If  nologin
command not done then user can loging to the mail server by using their user
name and password

Add password

Passwd 123456

Then all the mail users should add to the access file
vi /etc/mail/access

From: name@domain.com


Then edit the
sendmail.mc file

delete the loopbackup

Because default sendmail listen to the 127

Then redirect

M4 sendmail.mc>sendmail.cf

To check mail que mailq

Install Dove cot

Yum y install

Then change the

Change the POP
port to POP3 then

Restart the Dovecot

* service dovecot restart

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Comments about this article
how can i pass this parameters to sendmail
writen by: chemoral87 on 2010-09-10 16:33:26
sleep 1
echo "ehlo x"
sleep 1
echo "mail from:frommail"
sleep 1
echo "rcpt to:tomail"
sleep 1
echo "data"
sleep 1
echo "subject:Test message"
sleep 1
echo "from:frommail
sleep 1
echo "to:tomail"
sleep 1
echo " "
#sleep 1
echo "Hello."
sleep 1
echo "This is a test message."
sleep 1
echo "Bye."
sleep 1
echo "."
sleep 1
echo "QUIT"
) | telnet 25
RE: how can i pass this parameters to sendmail written by chemoral87:

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