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Until recently installing hardware in linux used to be a daunting task. But not anymore. Everything has started to change drastically. Now believe me it is easier to install and configure hardware in linux than in windows. More and more software vendors are giving native linux driver support to their hardware. As a test case I tried to install the USB modem supplied by Reliance netconnect in Ubuntu 9.1. To my surprise I was able to do it in a jiffy. I am sharing my experience with you all in this article.

How to install Reliance broadband netconnect in ubuntu 9.1  (Karmic Koala) ?

I had a surprise.  Believe me it was easier to install it than in windows.

Today morning I upgraded my ubuntu to 9.1.  I wanted to try out my new Reliance Netconnect broad band modem in it.  It is actually a HUAWEI EC 1260 modem.

Let me break it down to smaller steps for easy understanding:

Step I:  Plugging the Modem to your USB port.  Ignore the autorun.  Don't click on the reliance netconnect icon which will be seen in your desktop.

Step II:  Click on system - preferences.  You can see it on the top bar if you are using the default Gnome desktop.  Under preferences click on the network connections button.  A new window will open.

Step III: In the window choose mobile broad band.  You will convieniently see Reliance listed there. Click on the tab and follow instructions.

Step IV: Now you will reach the configuration window.  In the config window enter the details as shown below

Under the number head enter #777.  Infact it will be there already.  Under the user name enter the number given on your modem box.  Dont prefix with zero.  Pass word is also the same number given on your modem box.

Now click the tab ppp settings.  In the newly opened dialog box check only PAP and CHAP.
Uncheck all other protocols.  
That is all.  Save the settings.  Dont forget to check the box connect automatically.
You will be prompted to enter the password again.  You enter the same number given in the modem box once again without the zero in front.

That is all your connection will be up and running.

Enjoy the new version of ubuntu.

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