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A short review of a new distro that is made for tweaking.

How would you like to start your day musing, possibly over a cuppa joe or maybe a juice or water..... about.... "pretty problems"?

We've all been beat to death with "wicked problems" and "there are concerns" and just plain "problems".

Well, folks.......here is your chance to spend your oddments of time with some ...."pretty problems".....

How many times have you looked at a live DVD or installed another OS and saw "all that stuff" and thought...."I wish I could just have what...I....want in an OS without having to un-install all "that" stuff, which might cause dependency problems and besides I gotta get on with other .....stuff....so.....ok......I'll try it out ...... :(

And, we have probably most of us fiddled with things like Arch, and others and just well.....there really IS other stuff to do.....and trying to get ALL THAT STUFF to work....

And there are all the "mimimalist" distros that...welll........there is the hardware thing, or the music thing or this thing or that thing....

Welll what you get with iQunix is a completely working Ubu basic package.  No office apps, no printing apps, no music apps, etc. etc. but you do get a completely workable base system.

The install is from not much of an .iso on a cd and it takes almost no time.

And there you are...you have Epiphany so you can get on the web, you have Evolution.

But...more importantly you have "additional drivers"....so you can get your video card properly configured.  And THAT is a big deal for us folks that aren't into all that command line stuff.

NOTE: you will get a few "nags" about how if you don't have 3D enabled you can't do UNITY!! lol....well.... that is new! lol....but not to worry...if you don't want to do unity you don't have to...more on this later.

And you have Ubuntu Software Centre if you don't want to use synaptic.  So you can GET the stuff you want! :)  VERY LOGICAL on the part of the developer(s)! :)

And there you are..... what to do....what to do....what to do.... a pretty problem.

Well, I started with a window manager but will instead next discuss....PRINTING!! BORING!! :)

It really did occur to me that there really are probably a LOT of people that just never print anything!  Really!  What about on a net book or a tablet thing... an one works completely on the web with e-mail and all that stuff....no need to print!

But I need to be able to print so I went to Ubu Software Centre and it occured to me....woah...pretty problems!!! that I use nothing but HP so I maybe could just get away with HPLIP....did that....and got the CUPS web interface and no too much trouble....

Next, installed "Printing" and got the normal printer installer and it found my HP parallel printer just jiffy quick and for grins and giggles I also installed "default printer"!

So....now....I have learned something about how printing works!  very nice!

I'll finish this off with a mention that the next thing I did was consider....did I want to just stay with the plain and functional....Ubu desktop...or use a "window manager"...after all this is all about "pretty problems"....

BACK TO NOTE: Just as a curiosity...I searched for Unity in Ubu Software Centre and there are a lot of things to install but you can have it if you want it.

However, Gnome 3 complained and would not install.

So....I went to this site..."window managers for x":


Guys.....if you don't know this, it will be a REVELATION.....there are a LOT of ways to do the desktop thing...and some of them are just fascinating...

I, personally have found very intriguing two of the window managers and these are:

a) Afterstep, which really IS different, it builds some little "boxes" on the screen for things you are doing....and has a very...."old school" look and feel to it.
b) Sawfish.......which really DOES....DO.....lotsa and lotsa windows.....lotsa windows....lol....

So back to Compiz, ...I got it to FULLY work and DID it MYself!!! what a good boy am I, putting my thumb in the pie! lol

No really, I had fiddled with Compiz several years ago, but, just like most of us, I think, I had become sidetracked with all the different things to do..Plasma...KDE, widgets, all that stuff.... and to get Compiz completely going is not a really simple thing....so it gave me a great deal of......satisfaction.....to get it all running myself...

Now.....what to do, what to do....about sound....and video.....very pretty problems...to solve when I wish....and how I wish...

iQunix........try it out....it may remove some of those frown lines on your forehead! :)



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