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People need to know Linux exists so they can make their own mind up ;)

Now to begin I wouldn't even know Linux existed if I hadn't bought a copy of micro mart magazine. Upon discovering it I was absolutely amazed at the creativity, flexibility and freedom that Linux has to offer. Now I still flirt with windows because some programs (mainly games) won't work with Linux even with W.I.N.E. The thing is if more people used Linux, software producers would be more inclined, to produce a Linux version because of the potential market. 

Now for those of you who use Twitter you'll know they have trending subjects. And often as they trend, people tend to want to find out what they're all about. Plus a lot of people try to get involved in trending subjects, so they'll find out what Linux is so they can chip in with their two cents. So If we were all to get together on September the 17th to the 19th and all together in the true Linux community way, share Linux video's, blog posts, and distro recommendations e.t.c with the hash tag #Linux hopefully it will start trending. And loads of people will be introduced to Linux. Twitter is currently according to Alexia the 11th most popular site, more popular than google so that's a lot of people. 

If you want to get involved In what I'm calling "make #Linux trend weekend" and help the community grow vote this article and more importantly help get #Linux trending on the weekend of September the 17th to the 19th.  

Feel free to follow me @lamby118 message me saying that I have your support and I'll list you on a "Linux trend" list. good times!! Linux rules!! ;)

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