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The new and improved version of Miro 4 has been available to us for a couple of weeks now and it is time to see what is new in it and what has been improved from previous versions. Miro has a long history and as such it is quite a unique player which offers many interesting features.

The new and improved layout reminds me of iTunes. The left menu is separated into five main parts Audio and Video library on your computer, Connect for your external devices, Sources for websites and web search, Stores for Amazon and Android and Podcasts for your favorite audio and video podcasts.

Miro as audio and video player: It is very cool to have the possibility to use your audio and video files with just a click. Miro is nicely organized which in combination with the clean design lets you really enjoy all your multimedia content.

Miro iTunes for Android?

Like I mentioned before, Miro 4 is geared towards Android devices which is great and guess what? it works great too. It provides great support for you iPods, iPhones and iPads too

Sources and Stores: In order to make a real multimedia center which integrates a lot of interesting features Miro has incorporated a web browser and Amazon and Android web store in itself.

Audio and video Podcast center: I always loved this particular feature in Miro! I am a big fan of numerous video podcasts on Blender,GIMP and a few games reviews and Miro really helps me to keep it organized and tight.

Video and audio converter: This is a separate feature and it is particularly oriented towards well known multimedia formats.

To know more in details please visit: Ubuntu Manual

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