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I have seen a lot of people asking for the offline dictionary for ubuntu... I have found an application --Stardict. With the help of this application you can add whatever dictionary you want even in your native language...

Many of u, like me may be wondering how to install offline dictionary in ubuntu.I have tried to search and found a very good one..you will
definitely going to like it...the application's name is-- Stardict.

How to Install??

Use ubuntu software center or your terminal to install it.

sudo apt-get install stardict

After the installation, you have to add your favourite dictionary in stardict.For this follow these steps:

1. Download your dictionary from here- http://www.tricksfind.in/2011/05/offline-dictionary-for-ubuntu.html (click on the free dictionary in this article), I have downloaded  babylon, you can download any of it.

2. There will be a lot of tarballs inside your selected options,you can download one or many tarballs. 

3. For every tarballs repeat these steps--

    a) Extract it-  tar -xjvf  (name of your tarball)

    b) Move it -  mv (name of your extracted folder) /usr/share/stardict/dic  

4. After these steps, open stardict(Applications->Accessories->Stardict) and look for any word.   

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