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A tale of a boy who never used Linux but got attracted to it

Adopting Open Source was the decision I took solely as per my heart. It was not forced upon me by anybody. It received appreciation fromsome while others continued saying I have gone mad. But I am happy with my decision as it came from within my heart & was not a forced/influenced one. Open Source also is a phenomenon which should not be forced. I have seen many die hard fanatics going overboard & create OS wars which are an utter waste of time. These are known as fanboys. They exist for every OS Linux, Mac or Windows. However most of the people dont know that a person will follow/preach a particular product only when he is thoroughly satisfied with it. You cannot force an individual to use Linux. You need to make him/her understand the pros & cons without being biased.

Right from the outset, I had decided that I wont ever force Linux on anybody. This time around I was surprised as how one of my friend  Rigved Samant got impressed with Linux. Beginning the New Year, I wholeheartedly devoted my whole drive to Linux wiping out pirated Windows XP. The friend in this story used to pay occasional visits to my home. Every time he used to arrive, he used to catch me up sitting in front of my computer fiddling away with Linux. We used to perform our regular tasks such as browsing the web, sharing pictures, downloading from web etc. The only difference here was he was able to get to know Linux in general. As time passed, he started asking me some queries. His interest piqued further then he started asking me to share the medias of linux distros with him. Though he didnt installed them but he used to try out (Live Environment) every release be it Alfa, Beta or Final with me. There were times when he used to download the distros as soon as they got released & then provide me the same.

One day the same friend called me. To my surprise he asked me out as how to install Ubuntu on his system. He was clueless about the partitioning part. I explained him on the phone as he performed the same on his computer. We hung up after a while & then later after half an hour or so he again called me up to tell that the installation was successful. I was glad upon hearing this. From then, he developed a unique interest in Linux. The levels are so high that he has started criticizing some aspects in windows. He is enjoying using Linux to the

The other day while chatting I asked him the reason behind his sudden interest in Linux. He pointed that it was the Choice which Linux offers is what he likes. He even praised the fast development cycle of Linux & also appreciated the idea of Open Source project wherein people contribute round the world. The different way of computing is also another aspect of Linux which he is proud to use. He has started exploring different things under Linux & in the process he is always getting to learn something different, something new. He further added that adopting Linux was his own choice & that I did not play any role in enforcing it on him. These words relieved me as I was now totally sure that I did not force Linux upon him unknowingly. When asked upon whether he will use Linux fulltime, he answered Its not what he pondered upon. But going at the moment, I wouldnt be surprised if he someday ditches Windows once & for all. Now he looks up to me as a mentor & I am all ready to provide him with the required assistance in his Linux voyage. This is Open Source Share & Flourish.

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Comments about this article
About the same here.....
writen by: metalzone2000 on 2009-09-17 10:42:39
Yeah thats basically how it happened for me. I am really big into programming Electronic Music. Well I found out my Friend Ian got into Renoise. Renoise is a Tracker for Windows, Mac AND LINUX! Well one day I asked him if wanted to jam a bit and do a few songs together. Well we got over to his apartment and I found out he used Ubuntu, On EVERY system he had in the house. Well I sat down on his laptop and started destroying(I much rather use the term destroying rather than creating because in essence....thats what we do.) and I noticed this WONDERFUL program called JACK. Kinda like REWIRE in windows but BETTER! Well I routing programs into Renoise such as VLC for sampling, and Pure Data for programing other raw sounds.

Well I got home and noticed I missed working like that on Linux. I used XP at the time. Well. I have used linux Before. My first Deb was Mandrake back in the day. But I didnt have a clue how to use it so I stayed with windows....But Ubuntu had me hooked......a year later.....no more windows partition and Ubuntu has consumed my life. It is so much better useing FREE and OPEN SOURCE software and OS's. Thanx for posting this dude!
RE: About the same here..... written by metalzone2000:
I agree
writen by: lord_beavis on 2009-10-03 11:20:41

Good article.

I got back i to Linux about a year ago and for a while there I contributed to the Windows bashing. Here lately, I've realized that that is no the way to go so I've resigned myself to the fact that Windows is good for somethings, but I will not be my first OS choice. I have all but 4 of my home PC's converted to Slackware or Ubuntu Linux, one of them being a W2K server (which will be corrected soon) and my wife's XP laptop with an ailing HDD. Once it goes, she is going to get Ubuntu.

The other two are my kids game PC's that I am going to leave alone for now. Or, at least, until I get more familiar with Wine or Crossover.
RE: I agree written by lord_beavis:

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