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I obtained an old and unfuntional PC, and I had done work with Puppy Linux. This is the history.

Long time ago (a few years), a machine with an Intel Celeron processor of 733 mhz, 128 MB RAM, and a Hard Diskwith a 20 gb size could be a great petition to the Three Magic Kings. But today, it's a good present to the Garbage King. So, the garbage kingdom would be the normal final fate of the computer where I'm writing now in this new year. The old owner said me "do you want it or I throw it down?" before I obtained it for free.

The old machine had installed Windows XP that simply didn't work. I thought that a good choice for an old pc could be an old operative system (OS). However, then I google about that, I can say that I was really wrong. An old OS isn't supported so it could have a lot of bugs and security fails. So, the best option for an old free PC, like this, is a new free OS like the most of Linux distros.

The first two distros that I remembered were Xubuntu and Debian. Then, they were the two first distros that I downloaded and proved. But they don't work, I really don't know why. I downloaded other three distros (VectorLinux, Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux) and I only had recorded one (Puppy). Puppy at first didn't work. Later, I setuped BIOS with best perfomance settings (just pressing f7)and this solve the problem with Xubuntu and Puppy. The problem still appears with Debian (a double fault). I'll try to solve it later.

I only had proved Puppy. Puppy is designed for don't install. Even Puppy's webpage have a how NOT to install Puppy. Configure it is really easy, and any newbie linuxer (like me) can do it. It's have the most basic programs for a PC and the option for download and install more programs in an easy way. I am an old-fashioned, so I installed to a Hard Disk. But if you want run from a CD/DVD or USB, you can save your session, too, even encrypte.

Puppy it's too a great way to show people that Linux have easy-to-use distros. Therefore, I want google for a spanish translation or, In the worst scenary, try to translate it. So, show it to my friends.

The old PC it's funtional now, and I hope that its old owner did not want it back. It's not a great machine, but it's useful for school works.

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Comments about this article
Hooray for Puppy!
writen by: drobinson on 2010-01-06 00:05:46
Puppy Linux is indeed a great distro which succeeds with style where other fail (or drag) on older machines. Puppy 430 also is great at connecting to the Internet...even with some soft modems (winmodems). And connects easily to computers and printers on a local area network, too.
RE: Hooray for Puppy! written by drobinson:
And another old one saved!!
writen by: Droidy56 on 2010-01-23 17:30:59
recently acquired an old compaq armada running win 95 (badly). Reformatted the hard drive and installed puppy linux to the hard drive. It is now an excellent laptop which runs faster and is far more stable.
OK it isnt as fast as a brand new laptop but at a total cost of 13 it is a fraction of the cost !!

Long live Linux
RE: And another old one saved!! written by Droidy56:

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