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The embed fonts technology has paved a new way for web developers to represent icons using characters in the embedded fonts instead of using the regular image formats in the web, such as PNG, GIF... etc, which represents an important step for "icon addressing" in software industry.

This step coincided with another important step as important as its previous one, which is the adoption of Unicode 6.0 for a broad spectrum of visual symbols (icons) and embedding it in its table, which means providing a standard way for icon-addressing.

A few years ago, Tango Icons project have tried to set a standard for icons naming for Linux, in order to be addressed in a standard way. However, I think that Unicode 6.0 now represents a great alternative to be adopted as a standard for addressing the icons within the software process.

download it from here.

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writen by: Gaguar2 on 2012-04-08 17:30:26
please admin.. correct the link:
..and the last missing paragraph:

RichStyle font represents an attempt to implement the idea of icons-addressing in the web pages through the Unicode 6.0, but this project revealed a lack of some icons and visual symbols that are not addressed yet by Unicode. These icons are the ones that have a label in this demo page:
The most important are: Printer, Image, Tag, FAQ... and others.

- Anas Ramadan
RE: Incomplete written by Gaguar2:

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