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Have you ever thought of using HTML as MS-Word and office-applications alternative? HTML is known as a web technology, more than being known as a file format. Its used for web applications, not in desktop environment.

There are still several limitations intercept the way to make this vision true.

  • Portability seems like the most important limitations. A rich HTML file cant be stored in one single file. Images, CSSs, and JavaScript files will be stored as independent files in a subdirectory.
  • Security (password-protection) is the second limitation. You cant protect an HTML file by a password.
  • Finally, HTML and CSS still not mature enough for printing media. You cant set and format page numbers and page margins in the current browsers and layout engines, although there are standards for such requirements in CSS3 drafts.

As a simple solution for the first two limitations, compressing the HTML file and all its extra files in an archive file would be the right idea.

However, RichStyles main mission is to handle the first limitation by providing HTML with best-practice CSS and JavaScript files, and even shared images/icons, as shared files in your desktop.

In practice, RichStyle library will add a template file called Web-Template.web to Nautiluss context menu, assigned with those shared CSS files.
Shared images (icons) are actually stored in a font consists of the standard Unicode 6.0 icons required for documents and web pages. Whilst, context images might be inserted in the HTML file itself as a base64 image.

Last but not least, printing issue is actually just a a matter of time. Actually, CSS specifications promise with what I can call it all-in-one file format! With CSS you are supposed to be able -in the near future- to read the same document in different views for different media, with no need to reproduce it for each media. A view for web pages, another for printing media (papers), a third one for projector, and so on.

RichStyle is a project of utilizing HTML in both web and desktop environments in the same time.

More about RichStyle project is here: http://richstyle.org.

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writen by: rajspecialll on 2012-11-06 03:19:00
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