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NFS server gives user ability to share his/her works in the network. Here is setup method of NFS server in just 4 simple steps.

Setup Network File Sharing Server


Basic: Configuration file exits in /etc/exports


Step 1: Create a directory you want to share


Step 2: Edit exports file

Step 3: now restart the portmap & nfs services

              service portmap restart

              service nfs restart


Step 4: check NFS Server

We can also use #mount t NFS 192, where tis use to define the server type

And NFS is the type of the server.

     Have A Happy and Safe Sharing... :-)


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Comments about this article
add more steps
writen by: mmemon on 2009-07-25 13:48:00
after you configure the /etc/exports.

3. changes need to be passed through to the NFS mounting daemon (mountd) which stores a list of available exports in the /var/lib/nfs/etab (or xtab) file.

[bash]# exportfs -rv

4. The nfs and portmap services should be set and checked for the appropriate runlevels.

[bash]# chkconfig --level 345 nfs on
[bash]# chkconfig --level 345 portmap on

[bash]# chkconfig --list nfs
[bash]# chkconfig --list portmap

5. Restarting the services.
as u said above

6. Checking the list of available exports.
[bash]# showmount -e (server/domain name)

7. Checking the logs.
[bash]# tail -n 50 /var/log/messages

8. Mounting as u said above.

Thank you.
RE: add more steps written by mmemon:

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