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Does anyone agree with me that competition in a collaborative environment doesn't look a good idea? I used to think of this idea every time I face two or more open-source software do the same job using the same technologies, (programming language, framework... etc).

I'm trying here to address a case represent this problem. Let's take a look and try to balance between 'Package Manager' and 'Software Manager'.

No doubt that Software Manager is newbies' choice for installing software. It shows software icons, and filter/hide technical packages (typically means libraries).

On the other hand, Package Manager has the advantage of installing many selected by one click. Also it offers more filtering capabilities.

Package Manage, rSoftware Manager, Hiding libraries, Showing icons, Showing the short descriptions in the software listShowing the package's URLMass installation:

So, in order to bridge the gap between those two applications, I think there are some advantages needs to be shared between each other without loosing their own spirits:

  • Package Manager should offer icons and accept filtering libraries.
  • Software Manager should add status box in the software list to enable mass installation.

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