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Gnome 3 Modal Roll down Dialogues from the Parent Window Bar hinder the use of many Image Editing Programs.

I am new to Linux and really do want drop MS Windows totally.

I like Gnome 3 for its stability and up to date Software. But one big hindrance that almost caused me to go with Gnome 2, was the roll down dialogues that get in the way of mainly Image/Graphics Editing Programs.

E.G. You have a picture open for editing say in Pinta and select an effect like Brightness/Contrast Adjustment. The control dialogue rolls down from the parent window bar and in the process dims the picture underneath, making it impossible to judge the adjustment needed and basically making it pointless having such software in Gnome 3. I wanted to either stop the screen dimming under the dialogues or have the dialogue appear as they do in Gnome 2. i.e. detached/floating and movable/sizeable.

Well after a couple of nights tugging at my short cropped hair, I've found it. Modal Dialogues

To Disable Modal Roll down Dialogues and have Gnome 2 style:

    Configuration Editor and locate:

    /desktop/gnome/shell/windows/attach_modal_dialogs (Uncheck This) re-Log in or Restart.

    Description in editor to 'Attach modal dialog to the parent window'
    'This key overrides /apps/mutter/general/attach_modal_dialogs when running GNOME Shell.'

I guess that whoever designed the roll down type of dialogues, couldn't have tried it out on a lot of software.

I now have an OS I'm pleased with.

OS: Comice OS4 Gnome (OSX lookalike and really solid)

Hope this helps anyone else with the same gripe.

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