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Whether you are in a coffee shop or in you home. Listening to these guys talk about tech is almost like having them beside you. Join Jerome and Company talk about the latest trends in technology in their podcast - Pinoy Tech Podcast. You can also subscribe to their feed using Miro 2.0 - unarguably THE MEDIA PLAYER for all platforms.

Miro is a very versatile multi platform media player that could very well be "THE Media Player" for GNU/Linux, Mac and even Windows systems.

Pinoy Tech Podcast is a laid back podcast composed of Dean Berris, Jon Limjap, Migs Paraz, Aileen Apolo and Jerome Gotangco about Filipinos, Technology, a little bit of Linux and Open Source.Highly recommended for those of you who are sitting alone in a coffeeshop with only your laptop as a companion. You'll actually feel thatyou have companions.

To subscribe to their podcast using Miro:

*Install Miro
$ sudo apt-get install miro

1. Copy this url: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/PinoyTechPodcastRSS
2. Run Miro
3. Click on Sidebar > Add Feed
4. Paste the url you copied earlier
5. Click on the "Audio" radio button
6. Click OK

There you have it :) Happy Listening

Or if you are in a hurry - just head on to their website and play the embedded audio. Much easier :)

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