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I've used Linux for eight years now and I love it! Ever since I've been able to use phones and data cards with Linux I use it exclusively! Here's a tutorial on how to connect your droid phone to the Ubuntu desktop to get the internet for free...Note: It is free for http but not https until you pay a one time 9.99 fee which I did...and I like it!

What if no internet connection is available and you need to browse the web, install updates or packages for Ubuntu?  :confused:

Am I up a creek without a paddle?  What if I have a Droid?  Can I somehow connect this portable technological marvel to my linuxbox to get the internet?  The answer is you definitely can!  :eek:

Goto the app store on your phone and download an app called Easytether.

Follow the instructions on the easytether app to download the package for Ubuntu.

It'll tell you to open a terminal and type:

easytether connect

...That will tell you to open another terminal and type:

sudo dhclient easytether0

...Say I don't want to open two terminals every time...or terminal tab...I want a faster and easier way!

Here it is...

Open terminal.  Type:

cd /home
gedit etconnect.sh

That will open gedit.

Paste this into gedit:

## a quick script to enable tethering
/usr/bin/sudo -k
/usr/bin/gnome-terminal --window-with-profile=NoScrollBar --hide-menubar --geometry=80x6
--title="NETWORK ACTIVE" -e '/usr/bin/easytether connect' 
/usr/bin/gksudo -S '/sbin/dhclient easytether0'


Press [Ctrl+S] to save it.

now when I open a terminal and type "./etconnect.sh" that will pop up a box wanting me to enter my password. and I'm connected! Tada! that's it!  But wait, there an easier way...  :shock:

I right click my gnome panel and click "Custom Application Launcher" and I click add.

Note:  On the "type" option click the little drop down arrow and select Application in Terminal, if you don't, it will not work right!  ;)
Type:  Application in Terminal
Name:  easytether
Command:  ./etconnect.sh

Click "Ok"

Click the icon you selected and your connected!  :cool:

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