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What is the best linux going? I think it's Ubuntu, and I want to be proved wrong.

I have recently set up a linux review site. I began my change over to Linux with Ubuntu. I've found this so far to be the best linux so far. I'm relatively new to Linux so I don't know all the distros out there (I don't think it's actually possibly taken the vast amount available), and have tested a few of the big names in Linux e.g Slackware, Fedora and UHU(big in Hungary) and some total random ones like Xange and Trisquel. Im finding it very hard to find a distro that matches the user friendliness and compatibility that Ubuntu has to offer. I currently have a vote section on my site and would love to see some more votes as at the moment there are very few votes and Ubuntu is top with 100%. If you know of a Linux version you think is better could you please contact me to let me know of it. If your favourite linux is not listed in the vote section, feel free to send me an e-mail at support@gnu-review.com
As I said before I think Ubuntu is the best and id love to be proved wrong. So if you think I'm wrong tell me and the world what you think. here's what I had to say about the latest version of Ubuntu.

ubuntu 9.04

The update from 8.10 was a bit sketchy as it kept going very slow. But the next day i tried it again and it ran fine. I'm not sure whether this was a problem on my end or there's but it worked.

For those of you who haven't read my previous review I suggest you do that now to get the gist of it as this is a short review go to http://gnu-review.com/index.php?p=3_1

The new desktop looks great, and so does the login screen. here's a picture of the desktop.

There's a new update feature that updates only once a week which i think is a bit rubbish,cos if your running a lackluster system, when the updates come through your gonna find yourself waiting around frustrated. If your like me I hate waiting for things. But were there's a will there's a way. And there is a way, check this link it'll change it back to "the good old days" http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904

or type gconftool -s--type bool /apps/update-notifier/auto_launch false

into the terminal.

The new version now come swith open office 3.0. I don't know why it's better but it must be a good thing.It now loads faster, which is always a good thing.


There isn't much extra in this issue but I think its better than nothing and has some cool extras. if you want to know how to get the most out of Ubuntu check out this guide it can be downloaded or bought. Here's the link. At this moment in time Ubuntu is the one for me. It has everything you could want, and is extremely user friendly. I like this new issue it's all right and gets four stars.

Thanks all.

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Comments about this article
Ubuntu is fine but ...
writen by: rhomp2002 on 2009-09-01 17:58:12
Arch is a better distro all around. I like that it is a rolling update distribution so that I install once and forget about it. Updates are very easy and they are very good about seeing to it that updates are stable before releasing. It has all the things I need and I can see that it has nothing else. If later I want to add things, I just add with the update function (pacman). Performance is better than Ubuntu and the user forum is even more helpful than the Ubuntu - and that is really helpful. Also I have yet to see any snarkiness in the comments from people who are much better versed than I am in Linux. All around a win-win in my estimation.
RE: Ubuntu is fine but ... written by rhomp2002:
A different flavour of Ubuntu with lots of extras
writen by: oz4me on 2009-09-01 18:51:39
A different flavour of Ubuntu that is available is called TITAN-LEV ( www.affordy.com ) It has been put together with Windows users in mind so that most Windows users wouldn't know they are using Linux. It comes preloaded with about 130 of the most useful and popular programs available. One click to load all video and sound codecs Out of the box writing to NTFS partions. It has the basis of a very user friendly OS. It does cost $25 for a licence fee or else it stops working after 16 boots (on the same computer either using the live CD or installed ) Yoram Nissenboim and Yaron Lev are the two who are responsible for putting it all together have managed to break a few things in the process like the Ubuntu installer no matter what you type in as a user and password during install it reverts back to the TITAN's default of User and 1234 Yoram says he is working on it. Their web site is also a bit light on as far as details go. There is a link to a Youtube video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oEKO_X9i8g )showing how it all works which is enlightening. I would like to see a blog on Titan's site so users can compare notes and also a change log for updates that they put out. But over all it works like Linux and out of the box has EVERYTHING that most users will need Well worth a Look and comments

RE: A different flavour of Ubuntu with lots of extras written by oz4me:
I like the GNU/Linux Debian
writen by: chinesedragon on 2009-09-01 20:05:49
It`s Very Free!!!
RE: I like the GNU/Linux Debian written by chinesedragon:
I like the GNU/Linux Debian
writen by: chinesedragon on 2009-09-01 20:05:53
It`s Very Free!!!
RE: I like the GNU/Linux Debian written by chinesedragon:
Ubuntu 9.04
writen by: cybergrunt on 2009-09-01 23:07:39
I've been using *nix in some form since Redhat 5.2 and I have to say Ubuntu 9.04 on my 17" Dell Precision is a beautiful thing to behold with compiz and cairo-dock running and has impressed a number of my Mac-using friends over the past fortnight. This is the first time I have not setup dual booting Ubuntu/Windows and scrapped Windows totally. I think Ubuntu has finally reached Windows-killer status now (which is a bit of a joke considering it has always surpassed Windows in so many ways IMHO).
RE: Ubuntu 9.04 written by cybergrunt:
RE: Ubuntu 9.04
writen by: sgheysari on 2009-11-22 20:31:19
The best part of installing Ubuntu was when it was deleting Win XP. I love it.
Reply to sgheysari:
is there a perfect distribution??
writen by: enteon on 2009-09-02 03:50:42
what i don't like about ubuntu:
- mostly gnome and the reportedly self destructing KDE integration (kubuntu).
- kde 4 as it still lacks the feeling of functionality known from kde 3 (yes, i did try it).
- the mixture (in software and mind) of free and non-free. 100% free please :-)

what i don't like about debian stable (my current distro):
- in some special cases uncomfortably old packages. (opensync, gnash, firefox)
- a rolling release would be nicer, but security patches have to be created asap (so no debian testing for me).

i used sidux (debian stable with only hand-selected patches) for some time, but it became way too unstable. as i guess are most distros with about the same program versions (according to distrowatch). opensuse pissed me off after the package manager tried to install all packages available, resulting in a for-gnome config on a kde system -.- and yast didn't win my heart either.

so is there a perfect distribution? i guess not :(
RE: is there a perfect distribution?? written by enteon:
Ubuntu amazing
writen by: apkrishna on 2009-09-02 11:29:02
Ubantu is excellent. I am new to LINUX. Rcecently I installed in my note book ubuntu. Earlier I has SUSAE. Ubuntu is much more resourceful compared to SUSAE. It automatically takes up what we need. Even it configures itself for wireless internet connection. Net surfing is extremely fast compared to Windows and susae. The audio, video works fine. Desktop is a cool one. Amazing! Now even though novice, I have been using Ubuntu, almost stopped Windows.
I would like to now more of it. Please any one has more information and utility programmes pass on.
RE: Ubuntu amazing written by apkrishna:
Ubuntu amazing
writen by: apkrishna on 2009-09-02 11:29:03
Ubantu is excellent. I am new to LINUX. Rcecently I installed in my note book ubuntu. Earlier I has SUSAE. Ubuntu is much more resourceful compared to SUSAE. It automatically takes up what we need. Even it configures itself for wireless internet connection. Net surfing is extremely fast compared to Windows and susae. The audio, video works fine. Desktop is a cool one. Amazing! Now even though novice, I have been using Ubuntu, almost stopped Windows.
I would like to now more of it. Please any one has more information and utility programmes pass on.
RE: Ubuntu amazing written by apkrishna:
There's no such thing as the best Linux ever
writen by: hazel on 2009-09-02 11:37:58
It all depends on what you like. I have come to rather dislike Ubuntu, but that doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with it; it just doesn't suit my temperament.

I hate the upheaval of updating my system. Ubuntu has updates every six months. I prefer the more sedate update cycle of Debian Stable and I don't mind if the software isn't bang up-to-date.

I don't like using systems that I don't understand. Ubuntu is too complex and too tightly integrated for me. I prefer a simpler, more modular approach.

I feel that Ubuntu does too much for you; it doesn't encourage you to do things for yourself. But that's just what a lot of other people love about Ubuntu.

Horses for courses. The best Linux ever is the one that suits you best.
RE: There's no such thing as the best Linux ever written by hazel:
writen by: orion1660 on 2009-09-02 12:29:49
Have only used Ubuntu.
RE: confirm written by orion1660:
Ubuntu comes close
writen by: celem on 2009-09-04 07:24:37
Over the years, I've tried many of the distros out there. While I like Sabayon very much, I tend to stick with Ubuntu. It may be simply because I am so used to Ubuntu that it feels like an old shoe.
RE: Ubuntu comes close written by celem:
writen by: handydan918 on 2009-09-06 19:04:54
Having used Suse, RedHat/Fedora, **buntu, and various others, I have long preferred Mepis. It is based on Debian stable, so you don't have the breakage problems of **buntu. The installer on Mepis simply can't be beat. On a reasonably recent piece of hardware, (AMD 4400X2 w/ 2G ram) it installed in a total of less than 10 minutes. Most things work out of the box, and those that don't can often be resolved using Mepis unique GUI system tools, they can't be found anywhere else.

Oh, yeah. It's still using KDE3. I think that rox, at least until the KDE team gets all the functionality back in 4....
RE: Mepis written by handydan918:
ditto Mepis
writen by: Occam on 2009-09-07 10:35:02
I've been Mepis exclusively since they switched from the Ubuntu repositories to the Debian in December 2007. I found it very easy to install and configure. I had previous had numerous problems with Ubuntu including partitions that vanished along with their data, an upgrade problem where Gnome disappeared, etc. Installing new video drivers on an old Debian kernel didn't work for me... I can go on and on over many years of trying to get different distros off of the ground, but the short story is that Mepis just worked.

I also can't overstate how friendly and helpful the MepisLovers support forum is. No matter how insurmountable a problem seems, there are always several calm and helpful voices there to see you through it. Flame wars are unheard of, and "RTFM"s are phrased more like: "You can find more information in section [X.Y.Z] of the User Guide, or take a look at [weblink] in the wiki." You can't ask for better.

RE: ditto Mepis written by Occam:
other distributions compared to each review
writen by: lucky9 on 2009-09-08 12:02:47
I'd like to see a few comparing going on. One or three other distributions to anything reviewed. I use Mepis and have a ubuntu installation that sits unused except to update it.
Try SimplyMEPIS once.
RE: other distributions compared to each review written by lucky9:
Mepis works here!
writen by: 79spitfire on 2009-09-10 08:08:38
I try out each release of 'buntu, and Fedora as they come out. So far in my experience Mepis far out shines them all for hardware detection, "tweekability", and overall ease of use. Mepis will make a "power user" out of you.
RE: Mepis works here! written by 79spitfire:
The Best Linux?
writen by: stratman on 2009-09-10 08:32:45
Hmmm! I don't know that there is a best Linux. I would say that it is the one that suits your own particular tastes and does what you need it to do. I'm a noob so I know very little about Linux. I know I like it though, but, I like XP too. There is a lot I don't know about Linux but I'm learning.....slowly. For myself, I like Kubuntu. I'm an eye candy person but I like it to be functional too. I think one of the problems with Linux is that there are too many Linux Distro's. It's too hard to make a choice.
RE: The Best Linux? written by stratman:
Mepis Hands down
writen by: nlyric on 2009-09-10 09:42:28
Too many positives to cover here. Community is great. Install is fast and simple. Repair utilities on live CD are priceless. And Warren is a genius, along with many others on Mepislovers. Install on my machine takes less than 5 minutes. History--> MS-->BEOS-->Knoppix (installed) ---> Mepis and never looked back. Have tried to find something better and have given up for now. Try it for a month you will see what I am saying is true. AntiX needs to be mentioned as a great Mepis derivative intended for older machines but works great on the new ones also.
RE: Mepis Hands down written by nlyric:
DEBIAN FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
writen by: moshertec on 2009-09-16 13:26:28
OK what makes ubuntu above any other operating system? the fact when i install updates it crashes and i have to reinstall the whole os i can number the times it has hapened for me in the last year which would have to be around 2 times. now i understand ubuntu has came along way from what it was ever dreaming to be

now that ive noted the negative

as nlyric said it does in fact have one of the best communities ive ever seen for a linux os

they sent me a free install cd free of charge/ but it didnt work :(

so what do i propose?

debian or if u dont like gnu linux try fedora.......if im totally wrong about this feel free to let me know lol
RE: DEBIAN FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! written by moshertec:
writen by: tirsvad on 2009-09-17 03:19:08
OpenSUSE is my favorit. Installing perfect more time than ->

* Ubuntu is okay, but have some lack when installing. Not installing perfect on some computers.

* Fedore is more secure than Ubuntu. But have the same result when installing on some computers.
RE: OpenSUSE written by tirsvad:
It Depends On...
writen by: teenytinylinuxgrl on 2009-09-18 05:03:53
Two things: Your hardware and your personal preferences.

One person swears by PCLinuxOS, for example, and can't get Ubuntu to run well on his computer, while another experience may be the exact opposite. My bf had this happen. The difference was HARDWARE. Ubunu recognized my bf's hardware right away, and PCLOS had all kinds of issues with display, sound, printer, etc. But my bf's friend has better luck with PCLOS than Ubuntu. Which is better? Whatever works best on YOUR machine is "the best distro" for you. The rest of it is just a matter of personal taste.

(using "Robin's Remix" - minimal Ubuntu LXDE)
RE: It Depends On... written by teenytinylinuxgrl:
`Best' is relative...
writen by: TaylanUB on 2009-09-22 06:58:38
Quite seriously, you simply cannot choose a best without defining what you really want.

The closest one can get to perfection is learning all the stuff, declaring his own needs and building a Linux From Scratch. (Not necessarily using the actual LFS project of course, if you know your way around well enough.)

For beginners, you probably can't go wrong with Ubuntu. It has established a solid user-base, friendly for newcomers, and has all the bleeding-edge stuff that an average person would expect to have in a complete OS. But to be honest i never used it, nor many other distros, so others might be just as good. There's most likely a big amount of personal taste into this.

But then look at someone who does much more specific things on his PC. There's people who enjoy having a screen like this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b1/Stumpwm-2008-08.png
Now for such a person, Ubuntu is probably not really the best choice...

That's it pretty much, if you ask me. Depends too much. You might want to take a look into the article `The dimensions of Linux: a possible new way of choosing a distro'.
RE: `Best' is relative... written by TaylanUB:
The best Linux distrbution?
writen by: Bemk on 2009-09-26 13:35:39
In my opinion there is no best Linux distro for every one. Each user should just look at what he/she wants and pick the closest, or build their own distribution, as simple as that. The best Linux distribution is different for each person.

I use Ubuntu, but also like working on Debian, OpenSuse(be it a bit over user friendly), Gentoo and FreeBSD.

You will see here that Gentoo and FreeBSD are a bit more difficult in usage than Ubuntu, but that's fine, as I like working from the CLI.

The admin at school, really only is able to work with Ubuntu, as it indeed is user friendly, but someone else at my school loves OpenSUSE.

The perfect linux distro is different per user. (believe it or not, some people just need to stay with Windows).
RE: The best Linux distrbution? written by Bemk:
Lots of Flavors!
writen by: Zedo on 2009-10-05 15:36:53
Choose the one that suits you. THERE IS NO BEST. I have tried about 20. The more easy they are the more they are tied up in scripts and ap's. Theres one other problem with easy, security. The easiest ones are generally the least secure. After floating on windows leaky ship for many years I jumped ship.... CorkyMoo.com
RE: Lots of Flavors! written by Zedo:
If you want user friendly Puppy Linux is top of th
writen by: puppyite on 2009-11-25 21:54:41
I struggled form November of 07 until July of 09 trying to get to grips with Linux. During that time I tried every flavor of Ubuntu and several other distros too. None of them even came close matching the ease of use and newbie friendliness of Puppy Linux.

Why Puppy Linux is the best distro for Linux newcomers and Windows refugees alike:
1 No password and the user runs as root. Use your computer just like you did in Windows. Its your computer so why should you be forced to wear a prophylactic?
2 One click on the Probe button and my dialup modem was completely setup. All I needed to do then was enter the particulars of my ISP and I was online.
3 One click and Puppy set up my LAN for all my PC and my Windows computers too. No Linux distro has an easier network setup.
4 Blinding speed. No GUI Linux is faster.
5 And last but not least the best help site of any distro ever the Puppy Linux FAQ at:
RE: If you want user friendly Puppy Linux is top of th written by puppyite:
RE: If you want user friendly Puppy Linux is top o
writen by: puppyite on 2012-03-11 08:12:48
The best forum dedicated solely to Puppy Linux is www.puppylinuxforum.org

Get your questions about Puppy Linux answered today.

If you have any problems with the forum please let me know. My email address is visible at the bottom of all my posts in the forum.

You wont find a more organized, easy to navigate, fast loading or better run forum for Puppy Linux on the web.
Reply to puppyite:
writen by: Kelby on 2009-11-28 20:14:42
I've been using Slackware for some time and I like it. I run Fluxbox as my window manager. It isn't as user friendly as Ubuntu but it does what I want it to do, and I can tweek the hell out of it and it never gives me any trouble. If, you were to use KDE or even XFCE on it, it would be more user friendly as those window mangers have gui utilities to manage many aspects of the system. Anyway, nothing against any of the distros, but Slackware is my Linux of choice.
RE: Slackware written by Kelby:
Using Ubuntu is like living at home with your Moth
writen by: gmartin69 on 2010-03-31 19:34:49
Move out of that basement room! My choice is Slackware (since 1993). If you want to know linux and not just the interface...grow up!
RE: Using Ubuntu is like living at home with your Moth written by gmartin69:

Comment title: * please do not put your response text here