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For other newbies like me
One of this days I ran into a situation where at the time of running urpmi.update -a became impossibly slow.

I did a lot of searching on the Internet and could not find a straight answer, then I started to run some extra options in order to figure out what was causing the process to become so slow.

The combination: "urpmi.update -a --update --no-md5sum" gave me the answer I had on the list of media one that was pointing to a location that is no longer existent or is off-line, which in turn I removed from my list of mediums that I would be making use of.

So if you find your self in a similar situation try that out and if you see that it gets stuck on a line (address) then either disable that media repository or delete it.

I hope this is useful for some body out there in the vast world.
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