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Microsoft Windows Vista has hit town in a big way, with worldwide release parties, massive media attention and plenty of controversy. It has been five years since Microsoft released Windows XP and a lot has changed, Microsoft needs a big win with Vista and they are pulling out all the stops. Microsoft however have taken many risks and the next six months could be very telling. Although Windows is still ubiquitous in most parts of the developed world, the market is changing and people are starting to do their homework.

Media attention for the "One Laptop per Child" or OLPC project has been widespread and ongoing.The Children's Machine, also known as XO-1 and previously as the $100 Laptop, is a proposed inexpensive laptop computer intended to be distributed to children around the world, especially to those in developing countries, to provide them with access to knowledge and modern forms of education. Linux was the obvious choice for the 366 megahertz 128 mb OLPC laptop due to its open nature and ability to run on any virtually any hardware. Millions of these units have been ordered by Countries such as Nigeria and Libya and pretty soon there will be millions of children around the world with Linux as their first operating system.

In stark contrast Microsoft have just released Windows Vista, probably the most resource hungry Operating System ever, for the PC platform. If you want to take advantage of all the new features of Vista you will need to ensure that your PC meets the grade and is "Windows Vista Premium Ready". The problem is, for most people, that their machine will not be "Windows Vista Premium Ready" and getting it there could be very costly. For your machine to qualify you need to have at least the following:

  • 1 Gigahertz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1 Gigabyte of System memory (RAM)
  • 40 Gigabyte Hard drive with at least 15 Gigabytes free space
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Plus

  • DirectX 9-class graphics card with:
    • * A WDDM Driver
      * Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware
      * 32 bits per pixel
      * Adequate graphics memory (128MB)

    But don't put the credit card away yet because you still have to buy the operating system, which has been criticised all over the world as extremely prohibitively priced.For all the cash you need to shell out you would hope Vista was worth it. Unfortunately (for Microsoft fans anyway) it seems that it most definitely is not. Anyone who has ever used a modern version of Linux will find nothing new feature-wise and OSX users will feel suspiciously at home. It is garnering criticism from all parts for many different reasons, with whole websites dedicated to Vista-Bashing and Linux downloads on a steady worldwide climb. One could be forgiven for thinking that there are just a whole lot of Linux and Mac advocates out there trying to boycott Vista by slandering it mindlessly. But the facts don't lie and the evidence is plentiful.

    Digital Rights Management or DRM for short is a scary technology that has been tightly integrated in to Vista's core media applications. DRM basically shifts control of the media on a users PC from the user to the provider. What this means is that Microsoft has jumped in to bed with the movie studios and can now control what media you are allowed to play on your PC. How Microsoft achieves this is by only allowing approved hardware to play premium content such as HD-DVD or Blu-Ray discs. If a piece of hardware, such as a graphics card is believed to have been compromised in some way, Microsoft has a revocation mechanism built in to Vista that allows them to actually disable the driver for that hardware over the Internet, rendering it useless. Anyone who doesn't want Microsoft constantly monitoring their movements is no longer tolerated with Windows Vista eliminating any illusions people may have had about privacy in previous versions.

    Not only are they locking the user out of their systems, providers of security software such as McAfee are finding themselves out in the cold as well. Vista includes a 'Kernel Patch Protection' feature which locks down the OS kernel. Meaning that Anti virus software competing with Microsoft's own security solution will now not be able to access many crucial parts of the OS. Monopolist behaviour such as this is nothing new from the Microsoft camp. Internet Explorer and Outlook Express have been practically irremovable from Windows for years now. But any legal or financial reproach has, to this point, been minuscule in comparison to the amount of revenue generated from such behaviour.

    Microsoft is touting Vista as its most secure OS to date, hardly an achievement in itself, however the cracks are already beginning to show.Many believe that, once again, Bill Gates has pulled the pie out of the oven before it was cooked as flaws already start to surface. The amount of auxiliary software required to keep Windows 'secure' is also at an all time high which helps to explain the ram differential between Windows and other systems. Although many Anti virus solutions now exist for Linux, they are superfluous for most people due to a lack of threats.

    Back when Vista was still known as Longhorn it was actually shaping up to be quite quite revolutionary (relative to previous releases) with some very promising technologies such as:

      Winfs - WinFS is a data storage and management system based on relational databases, developed by Microsoft and first demonstrated in 2003 as an advanced storage subsystem for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Basically a new file system to super-cede NTFS with some impressive smarts.

      Windows Power Shell - Windows PowerShell, previously Microsoft Shell or MSH (codenamed Monad) is an extensible command line interface (CLI) shell and scripting language product developed by Microsoft. The product is based on object-oriented programming and the Microsoft .NET framework. Basically a new shell for Windows that actually comes close to being useful for administrative tasks.

      SecurID - RSA SecurID is a mechanism developed by RSA Security for performing two-factor authentication to a user to a network resource. RSA SecurID uses a hardware token in conjunction with a password for access to secure resources such as firewalls and dial-in servers.

      PC to PC Data synchronization - Data synchronization is the process of establishing consistency among data on remote sources. It is fundamental to a wide variety of applications, including file synchronization[1], Personal Digital Assistant synchronization[2]., and Public Key Server synchronization.

    None of these important features made their way in to the final Vista, which leaves it light on innovation and imagination but heavy on the eye candy and hardware requirements. This lack of true innovation, coupled with the extremely intrusive DRM mechanisms and prohibitive cost makes Vista an unattractive solution for any discerning user already on Linux, OSX or even XP.There was an album released by American indie band 'Modest Mouse' a couple of years ago called "Good News for People Who Love Bad News". This title could be used to sum up the attitude of many in the Linux community towards Vista at the moment. Every bad piece of press for Vista is good for Linux and at the moment there's plenty for Linux users to smile about.

    Note - This article was written using a fast modern Linux distribution on hardware which is definitely not "Vista Premium Ready".

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    Comments about this article
    Thanks for blowing yourself up
    writen by: 3rd World Man on 2007-02-15 12:01:36
    Now Microsoft is a suicide bomber. Thanks Microsoft, for blowing yourself up and go to heaven!
    RE: Thanks for blowing yourself up written by 3rd World Man:
    Improved? O Rly?
    writen by: h0meles on 2007-02-15 14:37:27
    Excellent, excellent article. I agree with you totally, Vista is anything but the choice OS for most users. I mean really now, who is going to spend $1,000-2,000+ on top of the multi-hundred dollar OS, for a supposed improvement in security and a pretty little Aero interface. Heck, what they should have done is just release it as a service pack for XP. ;) Good job Micro$oft, nice work stealing ideas from everyone around you and hoping no one will notice.
    RE: Improved? O Rly? written by h0meles:
    RE- MS & Heaven
    writen by: ross phillips on 2007-02-16 16:07:22
    I wouldn't want Heaven to really include MS, hell is a far better place for the corrupt souls as they have shown themselves to be. Thanks Bill, you've forced others to open their eyes and seek beyond you. Human Wisdom is still too often only aquired through pain. Growth comes best from the fight, not the fruits of ease. You've made "your world" fight. Let's hope they learn from it.
    RE: RE- MS & Heaven written by ross phillips:
    Awesome article - preaching to the conve
    writen by: The_4th on 2007-02-17 10:53:57
    Great article. When I read all this stuff about MS Vista summed up in one place, you realise how outdated Microsoft's development cycle is. They announce a release which could change the face of the operating system market everywhere - maybe even computing as a whole - but then disappoint. Over their ridiculous 5+ year development period they strip down all the good stuff, until you're left with a slightly souped up version of their previous OS. XP seemed to reverse this a little, and by the time we had SP2 it was pretty damn good. But now when you read about Vista it just confirms that MS haven't really changed. Unfortunately, I'm not sure this really matters. Dell are the biggest PC manufacturers in the world. They make over $50 billion a year by selling Windows PCs to home and business customers. They now obviously sell Vista equipped PCs. People will buy them. Minor computer manufacturers/retailers are following suite. And all parties are no doubt delighted that they can now charge £200+ more (in the UK anyway) for a machine with an overpriced OS and hardware features like 2Gb RAM, 500Gb hard drives etc. to people who will never, ever use their computers for intense applications which actually *need* such high end hardware (obviously Vista needs this hardware, but why? none of the equally pretty Linux distros need 2gigs of RAM or a 256Mb graphics card). Worse though is that anyone reading this article is already more than aware of Windows' shortfalls. Linux can only begin to make a difference (and I mean a big difference) when the general public as a whole begins to understand why Linux is so superior to Windows (XP, Vista, Vienna / Seven - take your pick). They need to read articles like this one. They need to realise that a fairly typical Linux distro (eg. Ubuntu, SuSE) beats Windows on speed, efficiency, looks, software (I'm still stunned by the GIMP - equal in power to Photoshop, but costing absolutely nothing - around £500 less than CS2!), security... the list goes on. I think the OLPC project is fantastic, and the thing with that is that Microsoft doesn't stand a chance! How can they make money on a product costing ~$100 when their most recent OS costs normal consumers at least £180 (that's about $350)? Alright so the OEM version costs a mere £50 (highlighting the immense profit margin made by retailers) but that kind of price is fundamentally incompatible with any product selling for $100. Now I'm allowed a totally illogical parting shot. Bite me Microsoft. You sicken me to the core.
    RE: Awesome article - preaching to the conve written by The_4th:
    The French Revolution
    writen by: Anthony on 2007-02-22 10:40:29
    I think this article was written from an objective view point and thus allows the reader to draw his/her conclusions. It is clear that Microsoft brings new meaning to the word monopoly and by hijacking the not-so-informed majority of the computer-user world, they have managed to make their chairman the richest man in the world. You will think that after having made all this money, they would now be thinking about practical ways to help in the global effort to spread computer literacy, but what do we see, they make an OS which can not even run on the vast majority of computers presently in use. Wealth has blinded and detached them from reality and its only a matter of time until the arrogant captain drives the titanic straight into an iceberg. Long live the Open Source Movement.
    RE: The French Revolution written by Anthony:
    writen by: Tom Breit on 2007-03-20 15:29:03
    RE: MCSE written by Tom Breit:
    LAN Administrator
    writen by: Tom Breit on 2007-03-20 16:47:38
    RE: LAN Administrator written by Tom Breit:
    Linux needs to be heard about.
    writen by: Ramuysgan on 2007-05-04 12:38:21
    What is needed is a massive ad campaign if people are serious about getting Linux to the computer illiterate. It should be started with an user-friendly distro. I believe the easiest to use and distribute would be [url=http://www.ubuntu.com/][b]Ubuntu[/b][/url]. Most of all we have to point out the major advantages over Micro$soft Window$ (which is pretty much everything :) )!
    RE: Linux needs to be heard about. written by Ramuysgan:
    here is Microsofts solution to Linux.
    writen by: bigd5783 on 2007-05-13 18:23:18
    Unfortunately for all of us linux users this is Microsoft's answer to linux users. They will just get their big over paid legal team and sue everone. I think everyone should just stop using any Microsoft products. I hate Microsoft. http://cnnmoney.newscri.be/link/232928
    RE: here is Microsofts solution to Linux. written by bigd5783:
    Using Microsoft
    writen by: casey on 2007-05-29 19:12:57
    Well the only thing i use that was made by Microtacholespher(Linux user joke) i mean Microsoft is the Xbox 360. Did you know that if you get the extra 20 gig harddrive you can install linux on it? I Did Suse 10.2. Try it if yuo dont mind dual booting you 360. Microsoft is pretty stupid on that topic
    RE: Using Microsoft written by casey:
    if microsoft is aweful don't use there p
    writen by: lifelonglego is me on 2007-07-01 16:07:57
    If microsoft is horrendously aweful why does your site us the msxml 5.0 from microsoft corporation.
    RE: if microsoft is aweful don't use there p written by lifelonglego is me:
    about missing the point
    writen by: Benjamin Braddock on 2007-07-20 08:54:43
    RE: about missing the point written by Benjamin Braddock:
    writen by: Phil on 2007-07-26 07:59:49
    Regarding MS's legal stance over Linux: 1) They have not revealed details of patent infringements which could eventually lead to courts rendering this as 'implied exemption' to the patents... or worse still; defamation charges for MS by suggesting the likes of IBM are criminals for using Linux on unsubstantiated claims. 2) Some companies have jumped on the Suse Server coupon deal MS struck up with Novell... unfortunately any new software produced under the revised GPL license (GPLv3) which deems all such deals illegal, cannot be included... wait till the next version of Samba comes out, Novell! 3) MS will not have the guts the play the patent game seeing as several companies have a myriad of patent related grievances to fire straight back in event of an attack. Apparently $US20 of the price you pay for an MS OS goes toward settling their patent breaches with other software producers. If that is correct, you are paying patent tax for the continuing transgressions of a convicted monopolist. The issue of credibility would come to light in event of any attack from MS. 4) To people who say that Linux is still a nightmare... one year ago, I would have wholeheartedly agreed with you, but distos such as Ubuntu are steadily bridging the gap. Before claiming how much more compatible Windows is with hardware etc (bar Vista), remember that this was the choice of the software & hardware makers following the buck and not a testimony to the quality of a Windows OS. Dell has begun selling PCs pre-loaded with Ubuntu and this is a telling testimony to the improvement. I have got Ubuntu up and running on certain systems with almost no issues. Oh- and don't forget applications like Wine or Vmware which can still allow you to enjoy many of your favourite Window's programs on Linux!
    RE: GPLv3 written by Phil:
    Case In Point - MS Fan
    writen by: Iudex on 2007-08-10 06:00:11
    I have been developing on the MS platform since Windows 3.1 so you can imagine that I have a lot of IP invested in MS, so I had to smile when I read this article. We have 6 computers in the house all running legitimate, honest to goodness copies of Windows XP, Office etc. But recently MS did 3 things that led me to this forum. Firstly, they decided that the most recent version of IE was a critical update that when completed, left my system inoperable for 2 days. Secondly, I priced the upgrading my 6 systems to Vista and finally, I realised that I was going to get into all sorts of issues with DRM as this would directly contradict my strategies aimed at protecting my CD/DVD collection from my wife and kids. So, I read this article and a smile crossed my face as I realised just how on the mark it is, having described exactly the circumstances that led me to this forum, and my recent installation of Fedora 7.
    RE: Case In Point - MS Fan written by Iudex:
    Vista as a counterpart
    writen by: cy_coe on 2007-08-29 18:17:49
    Don't forget: We need Vista as a counterpart. Or would you know how good linux is if there wasn't something like M$ Vista?
    RE: Vista as a counterpart written by cy_coe:
    Do we really care if people switch to Li
    writen by: Mitch Kehn on 2007-10-09 23:57:36
    RE: Do we really care if people switch to Li written by Mitch Kehn:
    not so fast
    writen by: Jerry Goldin on 2007-12-15 17:05:21
    Unfortunately Linux with all its advantages is a very difficult system for an average user to manage. Administering Linux is a difficult task for an average person which requres a lot of time and effort. Windows on the other hand is very simple in this respect. Linux is not going to be widespread untill it is made as user-friendly windows is.
    RE: not so fast written by Jerry Goldin:
    Burnt out on Windows
    writen by: Exausted out Windows User on 2007-12-16 06:47:50
    Still need vista? Vista is the reason I'm switching over to Linux in the first place. None of my programs work with vista. I bought a Vista ready computer in the spring, never heard of Vista before, and thought the Eyecandy on the desktop was neat. I was drooling...untill I got home. My adobe suit didn't work on Vista. Fine, thats a couple hundred bucks down the drain, what next? Plugged in my Dazzle capture hardware and installed it. Crashed on me from the start. So I went to the website, They werent going to offer any support for Vista, only XP. I use cygwin to help host Muds (multi user dungeons), the file went corrupt, three times before I gave up. I know you shutter about this, but I use AOL. Not my preference, but it keeps the wife happy, and when she's happy, Im happy (and its more quiet around the house.). Guess what? Aol kept giving me errors. Then wouldnt work at all. Not the case with XP wich worked fine before. So I had to do an uninstall and redo it all over again. Thats just about all that happend, oh, untill Vista crashed on me. Talk about a nightmare. I redid the installation, only to find out my Vista cd was flawed. Went to Best Buy and talked them into replaceing the whole computer and software. Got home, and the steps seem to be repeating themselves. Oh I dont know, I got the crazy idea to downgrade back to XP. Wouldnt work. My XP disk won't boot on the vista ready computer. I even tried a modified dos boot to force the XP installation. Nothing happening. So what now? Do I stick with a top of the line Vista, that doesnt work (it tells me I need more ram even though I have 2 gigs of ram, not to mention I uninstalled all my programs to try to get AOL to run for my wife). Needless to say, I'm tired of Microsoft. I want something that will run, not something that hogs all the ram, and flops on me. So I sit here patiently waiting for my copy of OpenSUSE to come in the mail. Oh and my copy of Vista? I threw it in the garbage, where it belongs.
    RE: Burnt out on Windows written by Exausted out Windows User:
    writen by: vikigal on 2008-01-21 15:54:34
    I'm a newbie to Linux. I have looked at it a few times in the past but, being naturally lazy, stayed with windows. Also, being cheap, I have kept my old Compaq with ME on it still running until recently. It crashed last fall and when I got it running again I had lost my printer driver and some of my programs wouldn't run. Well with no support at all for ME I decided to replace my computer with a new one. Being lazy I got what I deserved. Vista sure is a pretty piece of junk. I have returned that to whence it came and am now doing what I should have done to begin with. Learning Linux to reclaim a perfectly usable computer and saving my money for other things. I am now waiting on my very own copies of "the official damn small linux book" and "Ubantu for non-geeks". If I am going to spend half my computer time trying to get it running it might as well be to my benefit. For the last three weeks I have been telling anyone who will listen that Vista is the best advertising campaign for Linux and mac that anyone could have ever devised.
    RE: ms. written by vikigal:
    My story.
    writen by: Peter on 2008-02-18 02:47:34
    First of all, great article! Pretty cool that all them kids are getting a computer with linux, I'm sure they will enjoy it. Anyway, this is my experience with Windows Vista. About a year ago I finally had enough money again for a new laptop. After long searching and comparing laptops on online shops I found one that was perfect for me and my price range. It had one of them new core 2 duo cpu's and 1 gig of ram and all the other hardware was good for my needs. The only thing what I was worried about was that it came with Vista. It was still kinda new and from previous experiences with just new Microsoft operating systems it seemed that it wasn't always all that good as they made it out to be. If I recall it right, the blue screen of death of Win98 on international television, Windows ME which wouldn't run stable for a full day straight and Windows XP in the beginning that didn't have any drivers written for most hardware out there. I bought the laptop anyway and I was really happy with it. I booted it and Windows Vista started with all its "pretties". I started to install some software that I needed and it kept asking me if I really wanted to install it and if I really wanted to be administrator so it already started to really piss me off. The next thing I noticed is that everything really wasn't all that quick. I mean CORE2DUO and 1 GIG of ram. That should be top of the line right? Appearently not (with Vista). So I turned all the "pretties off" and the annoying slow services that nobody needs. It ran quite a bit better but still being that happy with your new computer it was kinda a dissapointed. The next thing I did was repartitioning my harddrive and install Slackware Linux on it. After recompiling the 2.6 kernel everything worked great! All hardware was supported and the computer worked as fast as it should be! "Top of the line" after all. Anyway, I did keep the dual boot even though I had vmware installed and generally wouldn't need it anymore. Then I had one of them days that I was extremely bored and I wanted to play a game. So I downloaded some free rpg game and started playing. The screen started shivering or turned totally black. So I did some research and the game wasn't supported in Vista, and reading up on that site it seemed to be Microsofts fault. What a surprise. So I wanted to download another free game and they also mentioned on their site that it wasn't supported on Vista. About two weeks later I was watching some show on TV about computer games. And one of them guys on TV was getting an interview, and the question was "What operating system would you recommend to use?" and he answered "The gamers OS and that is ofcourse Windows Vista." This disgusted me. How false can advertisement be? Another thing that I would like to point out is this. I remember that for a very long time people disliked linux because hardware wasn't supported very well. Well my brother also recently bought a new laptop with Windows Vista installed on it. And he couldn't get his scanner to work because it wasn't supported in Windows Vista. I tried to google for him a bit to see if their was maybe some kind of fix for this but unfortunatly for I couldn't find anything for him. However I did find out that the scanner was supported in Linux. Have the tables been turned? I have one final question. When I was studying for MCSA (in my defence I also have Linux+ and I'm working on CCNA) I learned that Microsoft recommends 128mb ram for Windows XP. Everybody knows you need at LEAST 512 to run it decently. I think they recommand 1 gig of ram for Windows Vista, is this right? So I was wondering how much ram you would really need for Windows Vista to have it run like a computer should run. My appologies if my story was to long and boring to read, and maybe for my bad spelling since English isn't my first language.
    RE: My story. written by Peter:
    Linux administration is hard? Can you ad
    writen by: MJ Arao on 2008-02-25 03:04:41
    RE: Linux administration is hard? Can you ad written by MJ Arao:
    Is XP really *that* RAM-intensive?
    writen by: Robert Baker on 2008-03-01 12:24:16
    RE: Is XP really *that* RAM-intensive? written by Robert Baker:
    just installed linux days ago I like it
    writen by: Dan Moore on 2008-03-01 12:57:27
    I installed Linux about 7 days ago after the install the only drawback is the need for more compatibly with windows software, and If Linux had some support for direct-X Games and software that uses direct-x, what more would there be to ask for, Linux installs very quickly no drivers to install all done for you, all the software you may need is free and listed for you to install or not or later. runs much faster. I have grown tired of the Microsoft market domination games that just cost to much like many of you I have paid maybe 5 grand for software programs alone in the last 4 years or so not including high end system games, mostly for windows-xp to bad. I have to dump them all. I have paid for Microsoft operating systems seance Dos 5.0 back in the early 1990's all the way up to windows xp, I've had all i can take sense the xp licence and drm, and now vista?? no thanks Microsoft. windows-xp with sp2 is the best system yet, but that is not stopping from switching to Linux, Hello Linux. For give the bad spelling.
    RE: just installed linux days ago I like it written by Dan Moore:
    Disappointing article
    writen by: Apoorv on 2008-03-15 00:39:50
    I am, least to say, disappointed by the depth of the analysis and replies (except for some). I am a great fan of Microsoft and UNIX technologies, [b]both[/b]. As a developer who works both on Windows and UNIX (and both on servers and clients) I find this article as shallow as the [url=UNIX hater's handbook]http://research.microsoft.com/~daniel/unix-haters.html[/url]. I bought a license for Microsoft VISTA about 10 months ago and as of now [i]modern[/i] Linux systems do not offer many technologies that Vista offers (and I am not referring to the glossy features). Linux still needs to get power management right (yes people it goes beyond the processor and the display), Linux still needs to get device-independent resolution for its GUI's (look at WPF and the way it is designed, it is not something as path-breaking as the X-Window system but is none-the-less). Linux still needs to get the security model right (kerberos is not for home users) and I can go on. In short, Vista is not about glossy features. Sure it has its own problems, all I am saying is that look with a neutral eye and you will find things to learn from there too --just as, I am sure, people on that side did.
    RE: Disappointing article written by Apoorv:
    Nice article!!
    writen by: Rick Hunt on 2008-04-18 09:44:08
    Nice article, thanks! I know I would like to see Bill Gates go broke...LOL I researched vista, and then decided to put PCLOS on my desktop. I have a laptop with XP that I bought in 2006, the area I live in has no DSL available, so I have a sprint broadband card on my laptop. So I began to research if there was a way to use it on the desktop. try to make a long story short... I found I could get a pci to pcmcia adapter online, my desktop was still running win98, the adapter would work on win98, but the software for the EVDO card would not. so I said what to do. Thought about upgrading to XP, well, I read online the XP will soon be obsolete with the release of vista and no updates will be available! Ok, what about vista I also learned that vista requires a mass amount of ram to just barely perform and that there were 5 versions of vista available depending on how much you wanted to do, you had better have a fat wallet. So I started looking at Linux systems, I have had PCLOS 2007 on my desktop for a couple weeks, I was impressed how it handled some of my older hardware and newer also. My mobile mate 1gb flash drive was not recognized on win98 but PCLOS finds it perfectly. In conclusion, I think Microsoft is just trying to nickel and dime everyone by charging more for vista that doesnt even do what it should! I did order the pci to pcmcia adapter, still waiting for it to arrive from Hong Kong, should be today, Imm looking forward to getting my PCLOS online. :-) ~ a happy linux newbie ~
    RE: Nice article!! written by Rick Hunt:
    writen by: Albert J. Shernicklbom on 2008-05-17 20:45:16
    RE: CEO written by Albert J. Shernicklbom:
    writen by: axobeauvi on 2008-07-24 12:59:23
    RE: hmm.. written by axobeauvi:
    God bless the times.
    writen by: Arthur Menezes on 2008-08-17 09:06:15
    I have always been frustrated by Microsoft's monopolistic tendencies,but could'nt deny that Windows(upto XP)was the simplest OS around for the PC.Linux had a whole lot of catching up to do as far as being user friendly was concerned but times have changed and Linux has finally come of age.I own a notebook with Vista running on it and was really disappointed.It has nothing that makes it any better than XP.Some of the features were even a bit silly(if you appreciate XP)like the glowing progress bar and overly subtle effects that use up memory for no practical purpose.There is nothing impressive as far as the overall usage is concerned. I also havde Fedora runnning on an assembled PC at home and I can frankly say that I look foward to not using Windows any more.The UI has realy made the OS a real benhark for Linux Developers....and being an open source OS it really makes you feel grateful to Linus Torwalds for creating a phenomenon that has com a long way and promises more to come fo the PC user.Long live TUX !
    RE: God bless the times. written by Arthur Menezes:
    Micro$oft , stupid or is her something u
    writen by: DarkZero on 2008-09-03 08:22:56
    Well just 1 thing... Micro$oft is the biggest conpany in the HOLE world , no1 tops her..and we all know that... You thing that they whould do all that to destroy them selfs??? NO, they are not stupid they know realy good what they are doing. From my point of view they are MAKING people buy NEW PC's, so that they can make a realy HUGE/LARGE/WAKO/ELUSIVE/EXTRA/BIG profit out of it ...also, dont forget that there are the gamers Witch they are ready to spent a REALY HUGE amount of money on PC's to play there stupid lil games...( sorry for that i am just a pished off old gamer, i stoped games a wile ago), and every1 know that after 2006 ALL new games need VISTA to work, and ALL new game need extra heavy duty Processor's to work OK , with super GRafic Card , amazing Sounbt card ... etc any other stupid EXPENSIVE conponent ... to play. Now if there plan had a lil recoil damage on them, bileave me the damege they will do to the world's pockets is a BILLION times bigger.. Also even if linux is reay good and can do just about ANYTHING... it is not well know to people...they only know it by name, they have never used it.. only 2% of the people who have PC and know a lil how to use there PC ,have used Linux. Closing.. WHAT ever Micro$oft is doing... they have given a realy good thought in to it before doing it ....
    RE: Micro$oft , stupid or is her something u written by DarkZero:
    what is Microtacholespher
    writen by: Daneel Yaitskov on 2008-09-18 14:03:37
    RE: what is Microtacholespher written by Daneel Yaitskov:
    Vista is a disaster
    writen by: Gaurav Prabhu on 2008-10-13 05:30:25
    I too share the same views like you. I too had published an article on my blog regarding the same, Vista : A Disaster. My pc is a 5 year old box, which naturally runs vista at a snail's pace. I had tried Vista for about a month & later removed it as I haven't seen any crap & bloatware like it. Now I am happy with my Fedora.
    RE: Vista is a disaster written by Gaurav Prabhu:
    writen by: lamby118 on 2009-06-27 17:40:01
    I havnt read all the comments but i have noticed my cpu runs about ten degrees hotter ussing windows wich sucks. down with windows linux rulles. thanks all
    RE: temps written by lamby118:

    Comment title: * please do not put your response text here