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This is my view on Xange.

This distro was very easy to install. Much like fedora, you just lad the live DVD and select install to the hard drive. Thin installation was reasonably quick considering It was a DVD. When it came to the legal stuff I noticed it's actually fedora in disguise, and a very good one. The reason I say it's a very good one is because it's better.

When i loaded up fire fox YouTube played video straight away. It also comes with konqueror and even though it's multi purpose, I'm not a big fan maybe I'm just too used to FireFox, but then again that didn't stop me going GNU/Linux and becoming part of the "Linux community". 

The desktop theme is very calming and I'm a big fan. Its a simple design and after a hard days work, you could fire up you computer and really feel relaxed just at the sight of it. there much to be said about the cursor. When you click on programs a little logo bobs up and down to let you know it's on it's way. Even the firefox logo looks cool in icy blue. Hers a desktop pic for you to feast you eyes on.

Unfortunately like alot of distros DVDs don't play out of the box. So there's alot of googling to be done there. I've got a link for how to do it on ubuntu so you might be able to transfer that over to this. 

I really don't know whats going on with the multi desktop thing it just doesn't appear to be working. Every time i change desktops all my apps are still at the bottom.

Another potential downfall, depending on how you look at it. Is there doesn't appear to be any games as part of the setup. This is a funny one because some of the games you get with distros of Linux can be utter tripe (no offence to the creators and id like to emphasis the word "some"). But there are a few cool one like tron, it's legendary and is something I'd like to see on all Linux distros. But for some games just aren't what they want, and Linux has suffered somewhat on the games from due to compatibility issues. My personal opinion is game makers should be releasing Linux versions, if they want peoples money make their products available. Id like to take this opportunity to thank activision, because according to micro-mart they are making ports of all there games for Linux users. Well done and thanks.


When I first installed this I expected it to be a fantastic distro but a few let downs here and there have brought the score down. there some really cool funky thing's in this one. After much thought I'm gonna give it 3.5 stars as it just lacks some of the thing's that other distros are bringing to the market.

Thanks all.

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