Can you help me set up a wget properly?

i want to download a .asp web site forum and periodically check for updates

i only download pages starting with
and all images associated
be able to view offline
convert to .html
and ignore these forums:
ignore 1 link on the default.asp

i got so far:

wget -Lp --accept topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=*,forum.asp?FORUM_ID=*,forum.as p --wait=20 --limit-rate=20K -U Mozilla --mirror --html-extension --load-cookies ~/.mozilla/firefox/xjg5nmlx.default/cookies.txt http://www.website.com/forum/default.asp

the above wget does not follow links at all...

i always get this too...
Last-modified header missing -- time-stamps turned off.
Please heeeelp...