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    PINE needs - where to get?

    I am trying to install PINE on Fedora 7 (and hey, why not? It's good enough as a command line email program)

    So, I get hold of Pine-4.64-1-i386.rpm from the UW website. But when I try to install this with rpm, it told me I was missing various dependencies. I managed to download these one by one until I got to one called
    I got as far as working out that this is part of open-ldap.
    As I understand it, open-ldap provides X500 services for email directories, etc.

    open-ldap.2.3.38 is the latest version and installed fine - I know it installed OK because it has test scripts etc. and these run fine.

    But, is NOT THERE!!
    For instance, from the /../ directory,
    find -name -print
    doesn't find anything (but
    find -name *so.2 -print
    does, so there definitely are similarly named files around)

    It seems quite possible to me that has perhaps been renamed as something else in recent versions of open-ldap.2.3.38. Plenty of other libraries were created when I installed open-ldap.2.3.38, just not one with the exact name Is this some finickity requirement of PINE?

    I have got Apt installed but I don't really know how to use it - can I go look for something as specific as a .so.2 library file?

    So, what would people suggest? Can I get hold of this file for PINE or persuade it to use something else? (and if so, what and how?)

    Thanks in advance,


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    You might try using this guide I found for installing pine in Fedora 7
    F7 Pine
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