SOLVED: I understand what is happening. In order to make links that work, you can't be in the source folder from one of these konqueror adresses/shortcuts. In this case, was home:/user. If instead I go to the "normal" /home/user/ I can drag and drop the files from there and make functional links, even if the target folder is with one of these konqueror's shortcuts (or however it is called).

Yet again I should have waited just a few minutes more before posting.... I hope this poste can be used just in case someone eventually faces the same bug and searches for the answer over here...


I don't get it. I was creating links to many files in a certain directory, yesterday. I did that by selecting the files I wanted to create a link for, and "dropping" them into the selected folder; this makes a context menu appear, with the options to copy, move or create a link.

Yesterday, I've created a bunch of links, that do work perfectly, but today, instead of creating these links, konqueror is creating "desktop configuration files" with the following pattern (as their names):


The file content is:
[Desktop Entry]
This does not look weird for what would be supposed to be an actual link, but instead they have no icon, whereas real links have the icon of the "real" file they link to, plus a tiny arrow over it. I don't know however, how to see the content of eral, working link file, if I try to edit it in some editor, it would open the targeted file...

More importantly, these files don't work as links to their targets.

Just in case that matters, in all the instances I was linking image files, of the same extensions, and with the actual extensions (rather than with the extension erased).

I also haven't renamed, neither the link or the file in between. This happens immediately after the creation of the link.

I was just making more tests while I was doing that, I was checking if could be a matter of permissions; but all files, their local and target folders are mine. It got weirder when I did create a real link all of a sudden, but then tried to do that again, with the same file, to the same folder, resulting that time in a .desktop file.

I think I will give a try to another file manager than konqueror...