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    Can't get fetchmail daemon to start at boot

    I am running fetchmail 6.3.6 on Ubuntu.

    Here is my .fetchmailrc:
    set daemon 10
    #set logfile "/var/log/fetchmail.log"
    poll proto pop3 user
            "" password "xxxxxx",
            is "dave" here;
    When I check System -> Administration -> Services, Fetchmail is on the list of services to start at boot.

    But for some reason, fetchmail does not begin to run until I manually run
    fetchmail -d 10

    Any ideas on what I may be missing?

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    I think you need to place a script in /etc/init.d/ that starts the fetchmail daemon.
    Depending on your system you might also need to run something like "update-rc.d" (update-rc.d is available to debian and probably debian-based distros. If you've got a fedora or slackware or something else, I wouldn't know).
    Maybe you could try "apropos update | grep -i init" and see what comes up.
    Hope that helps.

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