I have asked on another two forums, on one I even got a partial reply.

I have one problem with Griffith, the report generator (file / export / file format). What I want is a list of all the movies in the database sorted title alphabetically. No other information required. Griffith does not manage this, the reports are in the order that the movies are entered into the database and cannot be sorted or a general mess (all information for one record and then the next).

The database seems to be a .db if this helps.

Any suggestions how to get an alphabetic report?

It was suggested to Find "PluginExportCSV.py" in your plugin directory and change..
for movie in self.db.Movie.select():
for movie in self.db.Movie.select(order_by=self.db.Movie.c.titl e):

This is fine for up to five records but after that it does not work.