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    viewing pdfs in firefox

    When I direct firefox to a pdf, I'd like it to open in a new window devoted to the pdf viewer application (not as a 'plugin', with the pdf viewer subsumed within the browser; that's silly as there's so many buttons and toolbars that there's hardly space for the pdf.)

    I made some progress towards this by altering my mozpluggerrc as follows:

    # repeat noisy swallow(kpdf) fill: kpdf "$file"
    repeat noisy fill: kpdf "$file" &

    However, what this does is leave the browser tab that launched the pdf unresponsive, until the pdf viewer exits. And if you hit 'back' or otherwise tell that browser tab to go to a different URL, the pdf viewer application quits immediately!

    When I direct firefox to a pdf, I just want it to spawn a window with that pdf and nothing else and then carry on being firefox. Can someone tell me how?


    fedora core 5
    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20061221 Fedora/ Firefox/

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    Not sure if this would work and becareful before you try it as I don't want you to blame me if you break your firefox. But would removing the plugin work? that way firefox wouldn't know what to do with pdf files and should prompt you to either save the file or open it. If you click open you can tell firefox to open files of type pdf with Kpdf, or whatever PDF viewer you wish to use.

    Again, you might want to check with people more expert than me as I'm not sure what impact removing the pdf plugin would have on firefox.

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