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    Help1 Help! The problem with oprofile

    I cannot get any data when opreport
    when I execute opreport I got the problems:
    "opreport error : No sample file found: try running opcontrol --dump
    or specify a session contraining sample files"
    My operation procedure was
    #opcontrol --verbose --start
    I got:
    "Parameters used:
    CPUTYPE i386/core
    BUF_SIZE 65536
    BUF_WATERSHED default value
    CPU_BUF_SIZE default value
    VMLINUX /usr/src/linux-
    KERNEL_RANGE c0101000,c035898b
    XENIMAGE none
    executing oprofiled --separate-lib=0 --separate-kernel=0 --separate-thread=0 --separate-cpu=0 --events=CPU_CLK_UNHALTED:60:0:40000:0:1:1, --vmlinux=/usr/src/linux- --kernel-range=c0101000,c035898b --verbose=all
    Events: CPU_CLK_UNHALTED:60:0:40000:0:1:1,
    Using 2.6+ OProfile kernel interface.
    kernel_start = c0101000, kernel_end = c035898b
    Reading module info.
    module fuse start d9b17000 end d9b22794
    module usb_storage start d9b05000 end d9b15cc0
    module autofs4 start d9afd000 end d9b03284
    module hidp start d9af5000 end d9afb900
    module rfcomm start d9ae9000 end d9af3f98
    module l2cap start d9b26000 end d9b2d980
    module bluetooth start d9ace000 end d9adc664
    module sunrpc start d9cde000 end d9d05cfc
    module iptable_filter start d9acb000 end d9accc00
    module ip_tables start d9ac5000 end d9ac90c4
    module ip6t_REJECT start d9ac1000 end d9ac3480
    module xt_tcpudp start d99d0000 end d99d1c80
    module ip6table_filter start d9851000 end d9852b00
    module ip6_tables start d9abb000 end d9abf544
    module x_tables start d9ae3000 end d9ae7a04
    module dm_multipath start d9a2e000 end d9a33708
    module video start d9a27000 end d9a2c288
    module sbs start d9a20000 end d9a25908
    module dock start d9a1b000 end d9a1e874
    module button start d9a3a000 end d9a3cf90
    module battery start d9a35000 end d9a38784
    module ac start d99b4000 end d99b6504
    module ipv6 start d9e7d000 end d9ebbfa4
    module parport_pc start d99be000 end d99c5a24
    module lp start d99ae000 end d99b2048
    module parport start d99a3000 end d99ac848
    module snd_ens1371 start d999a000 end d99a12a0
    module gameport start d99b8000 end d99bcc08
    module snd_rawmidi start d99c8000 end d99cea00
    module snd_ac97_codec start d9981000 end d99986a0
    module ac97_bus start d996e000 end d996fa00
    module snd_seq_dummy start d996b000 end d996cf04
    module snd_seq_oss start d9977000 end d997f480
    module snd_seq_midi_event start d9967000 end d9969c00
    module snd_seq start d9959000 end d9965970
    module snd_seq_device start d9955000 end d9957f0c
    module snd_pcm_oss start d9949000 end d9953a80
    module snd_mixer_oss start d9971000 end d9975c80
    module snd_pcm start d9935000 end d9947884
    module snd_timer start d990a000 end d9910384
    module snd start d9926000 end d9933404
    module pcnet32 start d9900000 end d9908b04
    module i2c_piix4 start d98fb000 end d98fe18c
    module soundcore start d9912000 end d9914e60
    module mii start d9922000 end d9924500
    module ide_cd start d98f0000 end d98f9f20
    module snd_page_alloc start d98a3000 end d98a6688
    module serio_raw start d986d000 end d986fb04
    module floppy start d98e0000 end d98ee7c4
    module i2c_core start d9892000 end d9898d80
    module cdrom start d9917000 end d9920220
    module dm_snapshot start d98d9000 end d98de130
    module dm_zero start d9834000 end d9835800
    module dm_mirror start d989b000 end d98a1580
    module dm_mod start d98c9000 end d98d7140
    module mptspi start d9866000 end d986b488
    module mptscsih start d985e000 end d9864380
    module mptbase start d9883000 end d9890ce0
    module scsi_transport_spi start d9849000 end d984fb00
    module ext3 start d98a9000 end d98c7c08
    module jbd start d9873000 end d9881da8
    module ehci_hcd start d9854000 end d985ca8c
    module ohci_hcd start d9842000 end d9847e84
    module uhci_hcd start d983a000 end d9840a90
    Using log file /var/lib/oprofile/oprofiled.log
    Daemon started.
    Profiler running."
    #execute my application
    #opcontrol --shutdown
    I got
    "Stoping profiling
    Killing daemon"
    Then I get the error memtioned above

    Who can help to tell my why?
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