This is a problem I recently posted on another forum but no-one there has an answer to the problem, so I thought I would come here.

I'm thinking of putting together a programming language. It won't be much, but I would like to design it in a way that is most efficient on lots of architectures however I only have an amd64 computer (so that runs x86 too) and I certainly do not have the money for new hardware for the project. I therefore must try an emulator. What is the best one for emulating processors such as ppc mips or IA-64. I have had a lot of trouble with pearpc (for ppc) and qemu-ppc and qemu-mips.
qemu-ppc is missing a bios under ubuntu and complains of a bootstrap partition being apple_HFS and not apple_bootstrap under fedora with debian as the guest. debian etch would then get stuck "returning from prom_init" and sarge brings up several errors before showing a pink tux and bringing up the installer (It is unusably slow). Pearpc does the same as qemu-ppc but will not get to the installer with sarge as guest. qemu-mips just plain doesn't have a bios

I would be grateful for any help.