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    Eterm can't display some characters...

    Hello - I am using Eterm on debian etch. On one of my laptops, Eterm can't display some characters, like forms of apostrophes and dashes. It replaces them with an a with a caret over it followed by two dotted boxes. Other terms like xterm or gnome-terminal dont have this issue.

    For instance, in the firefox man page:

    This is what i copy and paste from eterm:
    Don’t use X shared memory extension

    (But instead of that apostrophe i see the a+two boxes thing)

    notice that there is a difference when i copy and paste the apostrophe and when i just hit the button on the keyboard:

    ’ vs. '

    Whats weird is my other laptop that runs debian etch and the same version of Eterm displays these weird characaters just fine.

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    After some extensive googling, i found that you need to set the LANG variable to en_US. I use bash so i just added

    export LANG=en_US
    in ~/.bashrc

    Issue fixed.

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