Does anyone use this command based IM? If so what have you done with it as far as the color scheme? I right now has it as default but I would like to know if anyone has a cool color combo.
Of if anyone would like to alter below on a cool looking, that would be nice.

status black/white
dialog_text black/white
dialog_menu black/white
dialog_selected white/transparent bold
dialog_highlight red/white
dialog_frame blue/white
main_text cyan/transparent
main_menu green/transparent
main_selected black/white
main_highlight yellow/transparent bold
main_frame blue/transparent bold
main_history_incoming yellow/transparent bold
main_history_outgoing cyan/transparent
clist_icq green/transparent
clist_yahoo magenta/transparent
clist_infocard white/transparent
clist_msn cyan/transparent
clist_aim yellow/transparent
clist_irc blue/transparent
clist_jabber red/transparent
clist_rss white/transparent bold
clist_lj cyan/transparent bold
clist_gg blue/transparent bold