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Thread: video editor

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    video editor

    i need some video editor (format converting, resizing, ...) i was looking for some about one month ago, but i didn't find anyone good for me. and now i need it because i want to watch some movies on my mp3 player which supports only some formats and only 15fps. so i need the programm could change the fps speed. can u recommend me some?

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    Cinelerra seems to be a popular choice.
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    I have used Kino before and liked it.

    From the documentation (i.e. I haven't done this myself) the video export can
    use mpeg2enc which allows some specification for the frame rate:

           -F|--frame-rate num
           Set the frame-rate of the output-stream.  By  default,  this  value  is
           inferred  from the input header. Currently only the standard MPEG rates
           are supported.  Eventually more-or-less arbitrary rates will be  possi‐
            0 - illegal
            1 - 24000.0/1001.0 (NTSC 3:2 pulldown converted FILM)
            2 - 24.0 (NATIVE FILM)
            3 - 25.0 (PAL/SECAM VIDEO / converted FILM)
            4 - 30000.0/1001.0 (NTSC VIDEO)
            5 - 30.0
            6 - 50.0 (PAL FIELD RATE)
            7 - 60000.0/1001.0 (NTSC FIELD RATE)
            8 - 60.0
    This last bit from the man page of mpeg2enc.

    cheers, kai

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    I find Avidemux to be very easy to use for simple tasks.

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    Does any of these have like video effects? Like windows movie maker?

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