I work with Fedora Core 6 and a nVIDIA GeForce Fx5200 Video Card.
Now I can see TV without any interference with this mplayer command:
[gastonv@pandora1 ~]$ mplayer -v -vo x11 tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:normid=1:outfmt=i420:quality=0:mjpeg:decimation=2:input=2:brightness=20
decimation=2 means that I have a small TV screen from 352x288 PAL on my monitor. Of course that is very small to watch.
When I set decimation=1 then the TV screen will be 704x576PAL, but then the result is a scrolling not stabil picture.
Please, can anybody give me a tip, so that I can see TV on that bigger picture?
Many thank in advance for any help.
Gaston Verhulst.