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    Hi, everybody (expecially who can hel me...). I experimented a problem with the MPI. I'm trying to launch my mpi programs with mpiexec.
    I did everything as I read on the examples, but when I launch my program like

    mpiexec -np 4 ./test

    i got only this:

    mpiexec failed: gethostbyname_ex failed for HAL

    (HAL is my pc name...)

    Any idea?

    I read somewhere that I have to change something in file /etc/hosts but I didn't understand what...



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    Smile Solving MPD

    The basic problem with this is the host name. The MPD or mpiexec is searching for the dns look up for the host name. If there is no DNS server connected to your lan then this error occurs. Rename your host name as localhost.localdomain and this will work. If you have a dns lookup, then please enter the mapping for your ip address and the name.

    Thank you.

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    First: thanks for your answer!

    Second:...ehm...I'm not so practice with Unix, linux and ubuntu too...So...I'll tell you what I've done and I wish you'll understand me,because my menus are in Italian and I try to translate them in English,hoping to guess the right name...
    I clicked on system-->administration-->network. here I can find all my networks: lan,wireless and modem. I went on "general" and set domain to "portatile" and I renamed host to "HAL.portatile"...The I did a new login and try to do mpd & on my terminal,but it didn't work...I'm sure I didn't understand what you said me to do..
    So...what I have to do exactly?Because I don't know where I have to rename my host name nor how...

    Thank you very much!

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    Please follow the below instructions. I have a fedora in english version. So I am trying to tell you that.

    Please go to:
    system --> Administration --> network
    There will be five tabs. Namely: Devices, Hardware,IPSec, DNS,Hosts when read for left to write.

    Please click on the DNS tab. You have the following fields:


    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    Tertiary DNS:

    DNS Search Path:

    This DNS Search Path is where you need to look if there is any text in the box. If there is any text, please remove it. Also name your system as localhost:localdomain

    Now reboot the system and try to run the mpd. It should work. I will be happy if you get back to me for any doubt. Thank you.

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    how can i solve the same problem on a system where i haven't root privileges?

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    I am sorry. But you have to be root. At least ask your admin (root) to do it for you. Fedora doesn't allow you do access things with normal user. You need to do it using root.

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    ok, thanks

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    dear babu2749,

    i consulted the linux forum in order to get some help for a problem i'm experiencing on the mpich2 installation (on fedora). I found your suggestions for a problem exactly like mine in the current forum.

    I'm having the message "mpd failed: gethostbyname_ex failed for hostname" when i try to launch the mpd by executing the command "mpd &". I followed the steps you suggested above, but i'm still having the same problem. The message now is "mpd failed: gethostbyname_ex failed for localhost.localdomain".

    I performed the installation offline, without internet connection. Do i have to be connected to install and launch the mpd? Do you have any other hint of what can be happenning?

    Thanks a lot,

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