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    Rsync not copying symlink

    I have recently replaced the images directory with a symlink called images due to some space issues. Since then, images have not been copied over to a back using the command below. How can i get this to work and start copying the images from the symlink over to the images backup directory again?

    /usr/bin/rsync --compress -a -L -K --progress --stats --exclude 'logs/' \ --exclude 'cache/' --exclude 'templates_c/' --exclude 'postgres/' \ --exclude 'mysql/' --exclude 'lost+found/' --exclude 'qscand/' \ --exclude 'vpopmail/' --exclude 'spamd/' --exclude 'tmp/' --exclude 'sqlcache/' \--exclude 'servint/' \/home/ /storage1/backup/

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    you're using -a which is shorthand for -rlptgoD, thus you specify both, -l and -L
    one tellign rsync to copy symlinks, the other to copy the linked files (all this
    from reading the man page).

    maybe you could try using -rptgoD (without "l") instead of -a.


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