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Thread: 3g2 Converter?

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    3g2 Converter?

    I live in Indiana, and my grandparents recently got hit by a tornado. I took some video pre-cleanup on my phone, and now we need it for the insurance guys. I got the videos off my phone with bitpim, but they are in the 3g2 format, which seems to be impossible to decode . Has anyone heard of an app to put them into a format that isn't so weird?

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    I don't know for sure that either will work, but I've read elsewhere that Quicktime and VLC can play 3g2 files. They might be worth checking out.

    Edit: I think YouTube will also accept those files and they'll play there if that's an option you can use.
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    Actually I need to convert it, because I'm not 18 yet and won't be talking to the insurance agent myself. However, maybe I could upload it to youtube and then use one of the many scripts to download it in flv format, and then find something to convert that into a low quality mpeg or something... I hate cell phones, all of those companies could use a swift kick in the ***.


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