Hi folks
I want to run this software TextSTAT on my kubuntu 7.10. It is written in Python and requires Python 2.3 or above. The documentation on homepage is telling the procedure to run.
TextSTAT is written in Python and should run everywhere where Python runs. It has been tested with Windows XP and Linux. And it also runs on MacOS X.
You will need to install Python (2.3 or above) in order to use the programme (TextSTAT.pyw). On Windows you could use the ActivePython distribution which contains everything you need (Windows extensions, Tkinter). With Linux and Mac there are of course no Windows Extensions - so you won't have export to MS Word and Excel. Except for that TextSTAT should run just fine on GNU/Linux and MacOS X. All you need is an up-to-date Python distribution (preferably 2.4).
When I try to run this TextSTAT.pyw I get this error in terminal.
ss@ss:~$ ./TextSTAT.pyw
bash: ./TextSTAT.pyw: Python^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
I do not know how to run this script as I always run .py scripts by adding './' on their beginning.
Can someone guide me where I am wrong. It does not seem that it has to be compiled, a .py script at least I have never compiled before.
Any help will be appreciated. A las thing I have not compilation tools installed I mean build essentail etc.