I am running Ubuntu 7.06 and have been using Evolution for some time - however it has now decided to freeze on startup and does this even when I run it offline as below:

~$ evolution --offline
CalDAV Eplugin starting up ...

(evolution-2.10:6113): evolution-mail-WARNING **: ignored this junk plugin: not enabled or we have already loaded one

(evolution-2.10:6113): e-utils-WARNING **: Plugin 'Bogofilter junk plugin' failed to load hook 'org.gnome.evolution.mail.junk:1.0'
** (evolution-2.10:6113): DEBUG: mailto URL command: evolution %s
** (evolution-2.10:6113): DEBUG: mailto URL program: evolution

I don't know what is causing this problem - is it a rogue email?

Can anyone advise how to correct this problem and if not how can I recover all my mail?
Please can you help.