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Thread: SSH ciommand

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    SSH ciommand

    I'm logging into a remote server using SSH. What bash command do i use to list the available .exe files that i can run?

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    Linux executables don't usually have an extension, so if you are looking for files with *.exe in the name you probably won't find any. As for finding out which executables/programs you can run, enter the command
    $echo $PATH
    That will list all the directories which contain commands you can run. You can then use "ls" to see whats in each directory. Some directories may not be in your path but you may still be able to run commands from them. Examples of such directories are /sbin, /usr/sbin etc. The commands there are usually reserved for root.

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    hi! if you are using bash as a shell on the remote computer (echo $SHELL will
    tell you whether you are) then you could try hitting the TAB key twice.

    the TAB key is meant for completion of commands but if you use it on an
    empty line you shoud get all possible command. there could be many (2606
    on my machine).

    cheers, kai

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