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Thread: Bastille

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    I can't get the bastille program to run on my linux. After i installed it and tryed to run it through the terminal i got this error. I typed in "bastille -c" or just "bastille" to get the configuration when this error came up.

    WARNING: /usr/bin/perl cannot find Perl module Tk.
    The above module(s) is/are required to correctly display
    the Bastille User Interface. If you are unable to find a
    pre-compiled module for your OS, they can be found at:
    Modules on CPAN alphabetically
    If you installed the modules in another installation of
    perl besides the one listed in the error message, you may
    override Bastille's search path by setting the
    $CORRECT_PERL_PATH environment variable to the directory
    that the desired perl binary is located in.

    Also in the bastille log i got this error...

    ERROR: Could not load the '' interface module.This may be due to
    an invalid $DISPLAY setting,or the module not being visible to

    Remember that i don't want the gui application i just want to configure through the termainal to configure my os but it's not working. Anyone?

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    It's been awhile since I've run bastille, so don't quote me on this: I believe there is no strictly 'CLI' configuration option. The curses interface is as close as you're going to get.

    So install the packages it's asking for. What distro is this?

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    This is centos...

    So do i have to install or Perl module Tk?

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    Read this.

    There is no best interface to run Bastille. However, each interface will depend on some specific software which is not provided by Bastille itself. If you want to use BastilleChooser you will need the Perl GTK modules (in Debian GNU/Linux provided by the libgtk-perl package), if you want to use InteractiveBastille you will need either the Perl's Curses modules (in Debian GNU/Linux provided by libcurses-perl) or the TK modules (in Debian GNU/Linux provided by perl-tk) depending on wether you want the console (-c) or X (-x) interfaces.
    So, presuming you can live with the interface provided by bastille -c, then install libcurses-perl.

    This is from my CentOS 5 box:
    [root@fugu ~]# yum list '*curses*'
    Loading "priorities" plugin
    Loading "installonlyn" plugin
    Setting up repositories
    Reading repository metadata in from local files
    162 packages excluded due to repository priority protections
    Installed Packages
    ncurses.i386                             5.5-24.20060715        installed       
    Available Packages
    ncurses-devel.i386                       5.5-24.20060715        base            
    perl-Curses.i386                         1.17-1.el5.rf          rpmforge        
    perl-Curses-UI.noarch                    0.95-1.2.el5.rf        rpmforge        
    php-ncurses.i386                         5.1.6-15.el5           updates
    My guess would be you want perl-Curses.i386 (which as you can see is in the rpmforge repository).

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    Hello All,

    For some reasons, I needed to uninstall bastille but I forgot to run bastille -r (revert Bastille changes to original file versions (pre-Bastille))
    I just uninstalled the package, and restarted the iptables.
    My question is, did it revert the change when uninstalling?


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    Quote Originally Posted by doniking
    My question is, did it revert the change when uninstalling?
    Next time start a new thread.

    IIRC, uninstalling bastille will not revert any of the changes you applied through it.

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    @anomie: sorry for not starting a new thread. Thanks for the reply.

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