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    Why won't flash 9 work for me on this page??

    I installed the latest version of Flashplayer 9 on Slackware 10.2 to /usr/lib/firefox AND /usr/lib/mozilla, yet, when I try to view flash on *this page, it will not work and tells me I need to install the latest version of flashplayer which I just did a few minutes prior! Are any of you having problems with flash not showing the counter in the upper right hand corner? The funny thing is, I have flash 9 installed on my Crux 2.3 box and with firefox the same page works perfectly! It gets even weirder... flashplayer 9 on this Slackware box renders all youtube videos with no problems! Why would it be that I can watch youtube videos fine, but the previously mentioned page will not work? Yet, the same page works perfectly in Crux 2.3 with flash 9?? This is nuts...

    *note: This thread is NOT a veiled attempt to promote a political candidate.
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    Hiya Dan!
    I had no problems with that link, must be a Slack bug. BTW, I'm using Gentoo.
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