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    Which music download software works on Linux?


    The only reason I have not switched to Linux is I cannot find a single music download service that offers a Linux compatible downloading software. All major vendors like Yahoo, iTunes, Napster etc. only have software that runs on Windows only (or Mac, for iTunes). They do not let you download with just a browser.

    Does anyone know of any such downloading software (legal) that works on Linux? Any Linux distro would be fine with me. I am not talking about just a music "player", but something with which I can buy and download music.

    There were a couple of links I found a few months ago on a forum, but they pointed to old links which no longer worked.

    Amazon (beta) seems to offer downloads over the web, but only for single tracks, for albums you have to use their software, again only works with Windows. Also I have not really used their single track feature on Amazon yet, I just glanced at their front page and that's what it seemed to say.


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    Install vmware server or virtualbox on Linux. P2V your current Windows box. Then install itunes on your vm and you're set.
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    I'd try it with Wine so you won't need to run a different OS just for it.
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    Limewire claims to be Linux compatible but I couldn't figure it out.. I tried with Wine and everytime it pulls up its just I'm not sure. :P

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    Question mp3 download question

    Hi Linux users,

    I am wondering, what program do most Linux desktop users make use of to buy and download music (mp3, wma, etc.) ?

    I know there are some mp3 "players" available for use with Linux, but what about actually buying and downloading the files? Since most of the vendors do not let you download using just a browser, they require you to get their own software, which only works on Windows. Only itunes works on Mac, but I have not seen anything that works on Linux so far.

    Any advice and suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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