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    uTorrent.exe disappears when I Wine it.

    Hey guys. I have a little issue that I hope I might solve here.

    I really liked the uTorrent BitTorrent client that I used on windows and I found that I could Wine it on Ubuntu. I followed the steps presented on the link below:

    The good news is that it works. Perfectly, in fact. I was able to run it, download some stuff; all is good.

    Except that the second I execute the utorrent.exe in my /home/utorrent, the executable file disappears and I have to re-download it to run utorrent if I close the app.

    Is there a reason for this mysterious disappearance and can I fix it from happening again?

    Any input is appreciated.

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    Wow! I never heard of a self deleting application.

    You could experiment by putting it in it's own directory that is read-only. I always have a directory name C:\bin on my fake C drive which is no my Windows PATH. So I will show the commands with that assumption. Modify as necessary.
    mkdir ~/.wine/drive_c/bin/readonly
    cp -pv uTorrent.exe ~/.wine/drive_c/bin/readonly/
    chmod -w ~/.wine/drive_c/bin/readonly
    cd ~/.wine/drive_c/bin
    ln -s readonly/uTorrent.exe
    The ln -s command creates a symbolic link. That's optional, but it allows you to execute the command more easily if C:\bin is on your Windows PATH.

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