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    I installed Mozilla 1.3, now how do I get rid of Mozilla 1.1

    The subject says it all. My mozilla 1.3 is in /usr/local

    when I type mozilla at that directory, I think it still goes to teh old Mozilla program which was in /usr/bin or something. But when I do ./mozilla it opens the new mozilla. But how do I get rid of the old mozilla, both from the system, and also I want the panel to have an icon that points ot the new mozilla, how do I do that please.

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    no problem at all

    first of all I would not recommend getting rid of the old mozilla unless you really, really want to.

    here's what I did....

    I don't know if you looked at my guide to install 1.3, but all of the instructions are there - I added in even more specifics due to your question...

    To change your icon on your toolbar, you just right click on the icon and select preferences, then you can click on the previous mozilla icon and then browse to /usr/local/mozilla/icons and you can pick whichever of the two you like there (I chose the larger one)
    Then you can change the name of the program to Mozilla 1.3 if you want - that is not necessary, but I did it cause I wanted to remind myself which one it opened.
    After that is done, you need to tell it which one to open, so while you have that little window open, you need to click on the execute tab and browse to /usr/local/mozilla/mozilla - that will make sure that you execute mozilla 1.3 instead of your previous version. As for the panel - mine automatically opens version 1.3 after I perform those steps.

    That should work fine.
    I have not removed mine, so I am not sure how to do that other than to do it from the package manager but you would need to be very careful not to remove dependencies to other programs and to make sure you remove the right verison - I don't think it is worth it - If for any reason I want to use the old one, it is there and it doesn't hurt anything to leave it as is.

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    yowwww, actually I did you use your guide. I saw your post a couple of days ago and I decided to give it a shot, like a learning experience. I am a very newbie at all this of course.

    Let me give you some other oddities (well to me, maybe not so odd to everybody else), that perhaps you can help explain to me. Like I said, I typed ./mozilla from a terminal and the new mozilla came up. And then after that, I clicke don the web browser icon on the panel, and a different window came up. One saying asking about changing my profile. Maybe it detected that there were two mozillas running at that time, and it asked me if I wanted to use the default profile, or create a new one, well I created a new one, and it opened up a window to a new mozilla. I tried clicking on the panel again, and this time i chose the default and it brought me to the old mozilla. I decided I didn't want that window coming up anymore, so I decided to delete the old mozilla. And in a sense getting rid of the link to mozilla 1.01.

    What's that all about?

    Yeah I guess I don't need the space in a sense, but I just hate the idea of garbage on my machine, on top of the fact that I dont' know how to remove stuff from Linux, which I think is a big defeciency.

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    I get the same message as you about the profile, but that is ONLY when I try to open more than one instance of Mozilla. If you just open the 1.3 version and use tabbed browsing - you don't have a need to open a second instance. There is a section on how to get tabbed browsing to work on my guide if you don't know how.

    I already gave my reasons for leaving 1.0.1 on my box, so I don't need to explain that again, if you wanna remove it, that's up to you. Either way is fine.

    btw, I don't use the terminal to run mozilla - I use the icon I set up for 1.3 or I use the panel or alt-f2 and then type mozilla - all open 1.3 for me.

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