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    Is there freeware application like access or VB ?

    Hello all
    I is there freeware application that as Microsoft access and VB (RAD tool )
    That is free to use and multi platform?

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    Welcome to the forums, umen!

    Sorry that I can't answer your question directly, but look at his site for some options that might work for you:

    Linux App Finder | Helping find the Linux apps you need
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    I believe OpenOffice's Base is designed to be a MS Access replacement. I haven't used it though.


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    A logical remplacement to Access is Base from OpenOffice, i had use it, but i didn't understand it (on windows/linux) (nor Access XP, i have a lot of time without using it )

    For databases i suggest MySQL using MySQLQueryBrowser, but is better if you learn some of the SQL syntaxis ( create a Table is like write a structure in C / C++ ).

    For VB some recommends Anjuta (using GNOME) or KDevelop (KDE), or MONO but is propietary.

    Some (few) try with Tcl/Tk (or GTK), is an inerpreted language as Java but easier, the "complexity" is that . . . in my opinion, the syntaxis isn't as structured than Java's, but have some similarities.

    See you

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    I don't know VB, but I know that Gambas tries to create a VB-like language:
    Gambas - Gambas Almost Means Basic

    I don't believe that it's an exact re-implementation, though.

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    Kexi is like Access, very easy. OpenOffice Base is also similar to Access. MySQl and PostGreSQL are more powerful databases, there are various front ends to them if ou are looking for a gui.

    REALBasic is VB-like. I think you can recompile actual MS VB code with it. I've never used it myself.


    Alex C.

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